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index class %iFind.Index.Analytic extends %iFind.Index.Semantic

This index class is a more advanced version of %iFind.Index.Semantic, leveraging even more output of the iKnow engine. In addition to the core semantic information (entities and attributes), this index type will also save path, proximity and dominance information.

If the IFINDMAPPINGS index is set to 1 (the default for this type of index), the following additional SQL projections will be generated:

For a detailed description of the other configuration and query options, see the class reference for %iFind.Index.Basic and %iFind.Index.Semantic.


parameter IFINDMAPPINGS = 1;
Inherited description:

When this parameter is set to 1, additional SQL projections will be created upon compiling the class. These are accessible as read-only tables in a package named [package_name]_[class_name] and have names starting with [class_name]_[index_name] (which can be overridden through IFINDADVANCEDSQLPREFIX).

By default, the following mappings are generated for an %iFind.Index.Basic index:

  • [class_name]_[index_name]_WordRec: stores which words appear in each record in this index. See also %iFind.Index.AbstractWordRec.
  • [class_name]_[index_name]_WordSpread: stores the total number of records in which this word appears in this index. See also %iFind.Index.AbstractWordSpread.
  • [class_name]_[index_name]_WordPos stores which word occurs at which position in a record, so it can be joined to the AttributePos table. See also %iFind.Index.AbstractWordPos.

Additional classes will be generated automatically, based on your index class and parameters. See the class reference for subclasses for more details.

parameter RANKERCLASS = %iFind.Rank.Analytic;
Inherited description:

The %iFind.Rank.Abstract implementation to use for ranking search results using the auto-generated rank SQL procedure "[package name].[class name]_[index name]Rank"

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