This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble.

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class %iKnow.DeepSee.Dimensions.Entities extends %iKnow.DeepSee.Dimensions.Base

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Properties (Including Private)

property %ikBlackList as %Integer;
Property methods: %ikBlackListDisplayToLogical(), %ikBlackListGet(), %ikBlackListIsValid(), %ikBlackListLogicalToDisplay(), %ikBlackListNormalize(), %ikBlackListSet()
property %ikUseStemming as %Boolean;
Property methods: %ikUseStemmingDisplayToLogical(), %ikUseStemmingGet(), %ikUseStemmingIsValid(), %ikUseStemmingLogicalToDisplay(), %ikUseStemmingNormalize(), %ikUseStemmingSet()

Methods (Including Private)

classmethod %Count(pCube As %String, pDimNo As %Integer, pHierNo As %Integer, pLevelNo As %Integer) as %Integer
Return number of members.
classmethod %Create(pCube As %String, pFactNo As %Integer, pDimNo As %Integer, pHierNo As %Integer, pLevelNo As %Integer) as %DeepSee.ComputedDimension.Base
Inherited description: Create a instance of this dimension class.
method %OnComputeBitset(pSpec As %String, pIndexKey As %String) as %Status
Build the bitset that corresponds to the given computed dimension "spec".

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