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class %iKnow.Shell.Commands.CommandSimilar extends %iKnow.Shell.Command

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parameter TYPEENTITY = 1;
parameter TYPESOURCE = 2;


method Describe(shell As %iKnow.Shell, ByRef description)
private method DescribeOptions(shell As %iKnow.Shell, ByRef description)
method GetCommandName() as %String
private method ParseArguments(shell As %iKnow.Shell, ByRef inArgs, ByRef outArgs, type As %Integer)
method Run(shell As %iKnow.Shell, ByRef args, parentCommand As %iKnow.Shell.Command = "")
private method RunOptionEntity(shell As %iKnow.Shell, entity As %String, parentCommand As %iKnow.Shell.Command = "")
private method RunOptionSource(shell As %iKnow.Shell, source As %Integer, parentCommand As %iKnow.Shell.Command = "")
method Type(option As %String) as %String

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