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parameter CONFPACKAGE = %iKnow.TextTransformation.conf.;


classmethod Apply(ByRef text As %CacheLiteral, ByRef otext As %CacheLiteral, model As %iKnow.TextTransformation.conf.Model, verbose As %Boolean = 1, Output opList As %List) as %Status
classmethod Remove(model As %iKnow.TextTransformation.conf.Model, pattern As %String, Output count As %Integer) as %Status
classmethod Run(ByRef text As %CacheLiteral, ByRef otext As %CacheLiteral, class As %String, verbose As %Boolean = 1) as %Status
classmethod applyModel(class As %Library.String, verbose As %Library.Boolean = 1, Output pmml As %DeepSee.PMML.Definition.PMML, ByRef p1 As %Library.CacheString = "", ByRef p2 As %Library.CacheString = "", ByRef p3 As %Library.CacheString = "", ByRef p4 As %Library.CacheString = "", ByRef p5 As %Library.CacheString = "", ByRef p6 As %Library.CacheString = "", ByRef p7 As %Library.CacheString = "", ByRef p8 As %Library.CacheString = "") as %Status
classmethod runOperation(op As %iKnow.TextTransformation.conf.Operation, ByRef text As %CacheLiteral, ByRef otext As %CacheLiteral, verbose As %Boolean = 0) as %Status

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