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class %Installer.Database extends %Installer.Activity

This is a "Database" activity within a Manifest document

Property Inventory


property BlockSize as %Installer.Integer (VALUELIST = ",4096,8192,16384,32768,65536");
Database block size
Property methods: BlockSizeDisplayToLogical(), BlockSizeGet(), BlockSizeIsValid(), BlockSizeLogicalToDisplay(), BlockSizeNormalize(), BlockSizeSet(), BlockSizeXSDToLogical()
property ClusterMountMode as %Installer.Boolean;
Specifies whether the database should be mounted privately or clustered.
0 - Mount private
1 - Mount clustered
Property methods: ClusterMountModeDisplayToLogical(), ClusterMountModeGet(), ClusterMountModeIsValid(), ClusterMountModeLogicalToDisplay(), ClusterMountModeLogicalToXSD(), ClusterMountModeNormalize(), ClusterMountModeSet(), ClusterMountModeXSDToLogical()
property Collation as %String;
Database collation
Property methods: CollationDisplayToLogical(), CollationGet(), CollationIsValid(), CollationLogicalToDisplay(), CollationLogicalToOdbc(), CollationNormalize(), CollationSet()
property Create as %String (VALUELIST = ",yes,no,overwrite") [ InitialExpression = "yes" ];
Database creation flags:
yes - Must always create the database, will fail if already exists
no - Database must already exist
overwrite - Overwrite if present, or create a new one.
Property methods: CreateDisplayToLogical(), CreateGet(), CreateIsValid(), CreateLogicalToDisplay(), CreateLogicalToOdbc(), CreateNormalize(), CreateSet()
property Dir as %String (MAXLEN = 195) [ Required ];
Database location on the filesystem.
Property methods: DirDisplayToLogical(), DirGet(), DirIsValid(), DirLogicalToDisplay(), DirLogicalToOdbc(), DirNormalize(), DirSet()
property Encrypted as %Installer.Boolean;
Enable encryption for this database
Property methods: EncryptedDisplayToLogical(), EncryptedGet(), EncryptedIsValid(), EncryptedLogicalToDisplay(), EncryptedLogicalToXSD(), EncryptedNormalize(), EncryptedSet(), EncryptedXSDToLogical()
property EncryptionKeyID as %String (MAXLEN = 256);
The encryption key id for an encrypted database
Property methods: EncryptionKeyIDDisplayToLogical(), EncryptionKeyIDGet(), EncryptionKeyIDIsValid(), EncryptionKeyIDLogicalToDisplay(), EncryptionKeyIDLogicalToOdbc(), EncryptionKeyIDNormalize(), EncryptionKeyIDSet()
property ExpansionSize as %Installer.Integer (MINVAL = 1);
Expansion size (i.e. by how many MB should the DB get expanded when it fills)
Property methods: ExpansionSizeDisplayToLogical(), ExpansionSizeGet(), ExpansionSizeIsValid(), ExpansionSizeLogicalToDisplay(), ExpansionSizeNormalize(), ExpansionSizeSet(), ExpansionSizeXSDToLogical()
property InitialSize as %Installer.Integer (MINVAL = 1);
Initial database size (in MB)
Property methods: InitialSizeDisplayToLogical(), InitialSizeGet(), InitialSizeIsValid(), InitialSizeLogicalToDisplay(), InitialSizeNormalize(), InitialSizeSet(), InitialSizeXSDToLogical()
property MaximumSize as %Installer.Integer (MINVAL = 1);
Maximum database size (in MB)
Property methods: MaximumSizeDisplayToLogical(), MaximumSizeGet(), MaximumSizeIsValid(), MaximumSizeLogicalToDisplay(), MaximumSizeNormalize(), MaximumSizeSet(), MaximumSizeXSDToLogical()
property MountAtStartup as %Installer.Boolean;
Specifies whether the database should be mounted at startup.
0 - Don't mount at startup
1 - Mount at startup
Property methods: MountAtStartupDisplayToLogical(), MountAtStartupGet(), MountAtStartupIsValid(), MountAtStartupLogicalToDisplay(), MountAtStartupLogicalToXSD(), MountAtStartupNormalize(), MountAtStartupSet(), MountAtStartupXSDToLogical()
property MountRequired as %Installer.Boolean;
Specifies that the database MUST be successfully mounted at startup.
0 - Successful mount not required for startup to succeed.
1 - Successful mount required for startup to succeed.
Property methods: MountRequiredDisplayToLogical(), MountRequiredGet(), MountRequiredIsValid(), MountRequiredLogicalToDisplay(), MountRequiredLogicalToXSD(), MountRequiredNormalize(), MountRequiredSet(), MountRequiredXSDToLogical()
property PublicPermissions as %String (MAXLEN = 8);
Public Permissions, zero or more of "R", "W", "U"
Property methods: PublicPermissionsDisplayToLogical(), PublicPermissionsGet(), PublicPermissionsIsValid(), PublicPermissionsLogicalToDisplay(), PublicPermissionsLogicalToOdbc(), PublicPermissionsNormalize(), PublicPermissionsSet()
property Resource as %String (MAXLEN = 64);
Database Resource required to access this database, for example %DB_%DEFAULT
Property methods: ResourceDisplayToLogical(), ResourceGet(), ResourceIsValid(), ResourceLogicalToDisplay(), ResourceLogicalToOdbc(), ResourceNormalize(), ResourceSet()
property StreamLocation as %String;
Directory where the streams associated with this database go.
By default (value=""), the location is in the subdirectory "stream", underneath the database directory, e.g. for a database located in c:\abc, the default would be c:\abc\stream. InterSystems recommends leaving this parameter as "".
Property methods: StreamLocationDisplayToLogical(), StreamLocationGet(), StreamLocationIsValid(), StreamLocationLogicalToDisplay(), StreamLocationLogicalToOdbc(), StreamLocationNormalize(), StreamLocationSet()
property Target as %String (XMLNAME = "Name") [ Required ];
Database "logical" name, for example USER or ENSDEMO
Property methods: TargetDisplayToLogical(), TargetGet(), TargetIsValid(), TargetLogicalToDisplay(), TargetLogicalToOdbc(), TargetNormalize(), TargetSet()

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