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class %SAML.AudienceRestriction extends %SAML.Condition

AudienceRestriction condition

Property Inventory


property Audience as list of %xsd.anyURI (XMLPROJECTION = "element", XMLREF = 1) [ Required ];
Property methods: AudienceBuildValueArray(), AudienceCollectionToDisplay(), AudienceCollectionToOdbc(), AudienceDisplayToCollection(), AudienceDisplayToLogical(), AudienceGet(), AudienceGetObject(), AudienceGetObjectId(), AudienceGetSwizzled(), AudienceIsValid(), AudienceLogicalToDisplay(), AudienceLogicalToOdbc(), AudienceNormalize(), AudienceOdbcToCollection(), AudienceSet(), AudienceSetObject(), AudienceSetObjectId()

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