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abstract class EnsLib.MSMQ.Base

A base class for the MSMQ inbound and outbound adapters

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parameter SETTINGS = QueuePathName,QueueLabel,CreateQueueIfNeeded;


property CreateQueueIfNeeded as %Boolean;
If this is set, then we will create the queues if they are missing
Property methods: CreateQueueIfNeededDisplayToLogical(), CreateQueueIfNeededGet(), CreateQueueIfNeededIsValid(), CreateQueueIfNeededLogicalToDisplay(), CreateQueueIfNeededNormalize(), CreateQueueIfNeededSet()
property QueueLabel as %String;
Property methods: QueueLabelDisplayToLogical(), QueueLabelGet(), QueueLabelIsValid(), QueueLabelLogicalToDisplay(), QueueLabelLogicalToOdbc(), QueueLabelNormalize(), QueueLabelSet()
property QueueObject as %RegisteredObject;
Property methods: QueueObjectGet(), QueueObjectGetSwizzled(), QueueObjectIsValid(), QueueObjectNewObject(), QueueObjectSet()
property QueuePathName as %String;
Property methods: QueuePathNameDisplayToLogical(), QueuePathNameGet(), QueuePathNameIsValid(), QueuePathNameLogicalToDisplay(), QueuePathNameLogicalToOdbc(), QueuePathNameNormalize(), QueuePathNameSet()


method CloseMSMQ() as %Status
Closes the MSMQ
method OpenMSMQ(pMode As %Integer) as %Status
Open a message queue