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HealthShare Message Transformation Services enable you to automate the transformation of health care data to FHIR R4 resources and deposit the resources into a cloud-based data repository. You configure the services from a simple interface, which displays error logs and metrics, to ensure the smooth functioning of your data pipeline.

By using HealthShare Message Transformation Services, you can easily connect systems that support disparate data exchange standards.

The services are built on the core capabilities of InterSystems IRIS for Health, and interact with various Amazon Web Services (AWS) for seamless conversion and delivery of health care data. The image below shows HealthShare Message Transformation Services accessing data stored in Amazon S3 buckets using credentials from Amazon Identity Access and Management (IAM):

The services get HL7 data from an Amazon S3 bucket, transform the data to FHIR, and deposit it back into an Amazon S3 bucket.

This document describes how to set up and employ the services.

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