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class %CSP.Endpoint extends %Library.RegisteredObject

%CSP defines the endpoint URL for making a CSP or SOAP request

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property CSPApplication as %String;
The CSP application used for the web service without trailing /.
Property methods: CSPApplicationDisplayToLogical(), CSPApplicationGet(), CSPApplicationIsValid(), CSPApplicationLogicalToDisplay(), CSPApplicationLogicalToOdbc(), CSPApplicationNormalize(), CSPApplicationSet()
property Host as %String;
The address of the host
Property methods: HostDisplayToLogical(), HostGet(), HostIsValid(), HostLogicalToDisplay(), HostLogicalToOdbc(), HostNormalize(), HostSet()
property Port as %String;
The port for the URL
Property methods: PortDisplayToLogical(), PortGet(), PortIsValid(), PortLogicalToDisplay(), PortLogicalToOdbc(), PortNormalize(), PortSet()
property Prefix as %String;
The CSP prefix for the URL
Property methods: PrefixDisplayToLogical(), PrefixGet(), PrefixIsValid(), PrefixLogicalToDisplay(), PrefixLogicalToOdbc(), PrefixNormalize(), PrefixSet()
property ServiceClass as %String (MAXLEN = 256);
The name of the web service class or CSP page class
Property methods: ServiceClassDisplayToLogical(), ServiceClassGet(), ServiceClassIsValid(), ServiceClassLogicalToDisplay(), ServiceClassLogicalToOdbc(), ServiceClassNormalize(), ServiceClassSet()


method GetLocation(UseSSL As %Boolean = 0) as %String
Get the location URL
method GetServerURL(UseSSL As %Boolean = 0) as %String
The server porion of Locarion

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