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deprecated datatype class %ZEN.Datatype.delegator extends %ZEN.Datatype.datatype


This is used to represent the name of a delegator method: this is a method within the current page object that serves as a server-side callback method.

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parameter FORMALSPEC;
This is the formal spec of the delegator method. E.g., "pComp:%ZEN.Component.object,pText:%String"
parameter MAXLEN = 64;
Inherited description: The maximum number of characters the string can contain.
parameter RETURNTYPE;
This is the return type of the delegator method.
parameter XMLPROJECTION = attribute;
parameter ZENENCRYPT = 1;
parameter ZENSETTING = 0;


classmethod IsValid(%val) as %Status
Inherited description: Tests if the logical value %val, which is a string, is valid. The validation is based on the class parameter settings used for the class attribute this data type is associated with. In this case, MINLEN, MAXLEN, VALUELIST, and PATTERN.

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