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persistent class Security.Services extends %Library.Persistent, %XML.Adaptor, %SYSTEM.Help

SQL Table Name: Security.Services

Services defined for the system.

The table for this class should be manipulated only through object access, the published API's or through the System Management Portal. It should not be updated through direct SQL access.

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property AutheEnabled as Security.Datatype.Authentication [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Authentication methods enabled for the service
Bit 0 = AutheK5CCache
Bit 1 = AutheK5Prompt
Bit 2 = AutheK5API
Bit 3 = AutheK5KeyTab
Bit 4 = AutheOS
Bit 5 - AuthePassword
Bit 6 = AutheUnauthenticated
Bit 7 = AutheKB
Bit 8 = AutheKBEncryption
Bit 9 = AutheKBIntegrity
Bit 10 = AutheSystem
Bit 11 = AutheLDAP
Bit 13 = AutheDelegated
Bit 14 = AutheLoginToken
Bits 15-19 reserved
Bit 20 = TwoFactorSMS
Bit 21 = TwoFactorPW
Bits 22-24 reserved
Bit 25 = MutualTLS
Property methods: AutheEnabledDisplayToLogical(), AutheEnabledGet(), AutheEnabledGetStored(), AutheEnabledIsValid(), AutheEnabledLogicalToDisplay(), AutheEnabledLogicalToOdbc(), AutheEnabledNormalize(), AutheEnabledSet(), AutheEnabledXSDToLogical()
property ClientSystems as list of %String (MAXLEN = 32767);
List of valid IP addresses allowed to connect for this service.
Property methods: ClientSystemsBuildValueArray(), ClientSystemsCollectionToDisplay(), ClientSystemsCollectionToOdbc(), ClientSystemsDisplayToCollection(), ClientSystemsDisplayToLogical(), ClientSystemsGet(), ClientSystemsGetObject(), ClientSystemsGetObjectId(), ClientSystemsGetStored(), ClientSystemsGetSwizzled(), ClientSystemsIsValid(), ClientSystemsLogicalToDisplay(), ClientSystemsLogicalToOdbc(), ClientSystemsNormalize(), ClientSystemsOdbcToCollection(), ClientSystemsSet(), ClientSystemsSetObject(), ClientSystemsSetObjectId()
property Description as %String (MAXLEN = 256, MINLEN = 1) [ Required ];
Full name of the service
Property methods: DescriptionDisplayToLogical(), DescriptionGet(), DescriptionGetStored(), DescriptionIsValid(), DescriptionLogicalToDisplay(), DescriptionLogicalToOdbc(), DescriptionNormalize(), DescriptionSet()
property Enabled as Security.Datatype.BooleanYN [ InitialExpression = 0 , Required ];
Service enabled
Property methods: EnabledDisplayToLogical(), EnabledGet(), EnabledGetStored(), EnabledIsValid(), EnabledLogicalToDisplay(), EnabledLogicalToOdbc(), EnabledLogicalToXSD(), EnabledNormalize(), EnabledOdbcToLogical(), EnabledSet(), EnabledXSDToLogical()
property Name as %String (COLLATION = "Exact", MAXLEN = 64, MINLEN = 1) [ Required ];
Name of the service
Property methods: NameDisplayToLogical(), NameGet(), NameGetStored(), NameIsValid(), NameLogicalToDisplay(), NameLogicalToOdbc(), NameNormalize(), NameSet()


classmethod Exists(Name As %String, ByRef Service As %ObjectHandle, ByRef Status As %Status) as %Boolean
Service exists.
This method checks for the existence of a Service in the security database.
Name - Name of the Service to check existence of
Return values:
If Value of the method = 0 (Service does not exist, or some error occured)
Service = Null
Status = Service "x" does not exist, or other error message

If Value of the method = 1 (Service exists)
Service = Object handle to Service
Status = $$$OK
classmethod Export(FileName As %String = "ServicesExport.xml", ByRef NumExported As %Integer, Services As %String = "*") as %Status
This method exports Service records to a file in xml format.
Filename - Output file name
NumExported (byref) - Returns number of records exported.
Services - Comma separated list of Services to export, "*" = All
classmethod Get(Name As %String, ByRef Properties As %String) as %Status
Get a service's properties.
Gets a service's properties from the security database.
Name - Name of the Service to get
Return values:
Properties - Array of properties
Properties("AutheEnabled") - Enabled authentication options
Properties("AutheEnabledCapabilities") - Allowed authentication options (Internal use only)
Properties("Capabilities") - Additional capability options (Internal use only)
Properties("Enabled") - Service is enabled
Properties("Description") - Full name of the service
Properties("ClientSystems") - Semicolon separated list of allowed IP connections, "ipsec1;ipspec2;ipspec3" (On some services, an ipspec can be ip|role1,role2,etc.)
classmethod Import(FileName As %String = "ServicesExport.xml", ByRef NumImported As %Integer, Flags As %Integer = 0) as %Status
Import Service records from an xml file.
FileName - Filename to import Service records from
NumImported (byref) - Returns number of records imported
Flags - Control import
Bit 0 - Do not import records, just return count
Note: On failure, no records will be imported
method IsPublic() as %Boolean
Service is public.
classmethod Modify(Name As %String, ByRef Properties As %String) as %Status
Modify a Service's properties.
Modifies a Service's properties from the security database.
Name - Name of the service to modify
Properties - Array of properties to modify.
See the Get() method for a description of the Properties parameter.
If a specific property is not passed in the properties array, the value is not modified. Note that some system defined properties are not changeable.


query Detail(Names As %String)
Selects Name As %String, Enabled As %String, Public As %String, Authentication Methods As %String, Allowed Connections As %String, Description As %String, EnabledBoolean As %Boolean, HttpOnlyCookies As %Boolean, TwoFactorEnabled As %Boolean
Detail list of services.
Names - Comma separated list of Service names, "*" = All
Note: This query may change in future versions
query List(Names As %String)
Selects Name As %String, Enabled As %String, Public As %String, Description As %String, EnabledBoolean As %Boolean
List of services.
Names - Comma separated list of Service names, "*" = All
Note: This query may change in future versions


index (NameIndex on NameLowerCase) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: NameIndexCheck(), NameIndexDelete(), NameIndexExists(), NameIndexOpen(), NameIndexSQLCheckUnique(), NameIndexSQLExists(), NameIndexSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), NameIndexSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()

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Storage Model: Storage (Security.Services)

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