Ensemble Release Notes
Finding Ensemble Options in the New Management Portal

For users who are familiar with the Ensemble Management Portal in 2010.x, this appendix describes where to find Ensemble options in the combined Management Portal in 2012.x.

The following table lists options in the 2010.x Ensemble Management Portal and indicates at least one way to find the option in the new portal. Note that this table indicates the paths needed to find the options, and these paths are not always the same as the breadcrumbs shown at the tops of the pages.
Option in the 2010.2.x Ensemble Management Portal Location in the 2012.x Combined Management Portal
Home link Ensemble > Monitor > Production Monitor (this page has been redesigned extensively)
Productions link Ensemble > List > Productions menu option
Production Configuration page (available from the Home link or the Productions link) Ensemble > Configure > Production and Ensemble > View > Production menu options
System Monitor link Ensemble > Monitor > System Monitor menu option (this page has been redesigned extensively)
Event Log link Ensemble > View > Event Log menu option
Message Browser link Ensemble > View > Messages menu option (no longer provides an option to compare messages)
Visual Trace page (available from the Message Browser link) Visual Trace page (available from the Ensemble > View > Messages menu option and other locations)
Business Processes link Ensemble > List > Business Processes
BPL Viewer page (available from the Business Processes link) Ensemble > Build > Business Processes
Business Rules link Ensemble > List > Business Rules
Ensemble Business Rule Editor (available from the Business Rules link) Ensemble > Build > Business Rules
Business Rule Log link Ensemble > View > Business Rule Log
Host Monitor link Not available
Jobs link Ensemble > Monitor > Jobs menu option
Queues link Ensemble > Monitor > Queues menu option
Maintenance link Ensemble > Manage > Auto-Start Production menu option
Maintenance > Suspended Messages link Ensemble > View >Suspended Messages menu option
Maintenance > Purge Management Data link Ensemble > Manage > Purge Management Data menu option
Maintenance > Credentials link Ensemble > Configure > Credentials menu option
Maintenance > Local Archive Manager link Ensemble > Manage > Local Archive Manager menu option
Maintenance > Lookup Settings link Ensemble > Configure > Data Lookup Tables menu option
Maintenance > DICOM Settings link Ensemble > Interoperate > DICOM menu
Maintenance > Default Settings link Ensemble > Configure > System Default Settings menu option
Maintenance > Message Bank link Ensemble > Configure > Message Bank Link menu option
Dashboards link DeepSee > User Portal menu option
Business Metrics link Not available
Workflow Portal > My Tasks link DeepSee > User Portal menu option (the User Portal displays a folder of your workflow tasks)
Workflow Portal other links Ensemble > Manage > Workflow menu
Testing Service link Ensemble > Test > Business Hosts menu option
EDI / HL7 Manager > ASC X12 options Ensemble > Interoperate > ASC X12 menu
EDI / HL7 Manager > ASTM options Ensemble > Interoperate > ASTM menu
EDI / HL7 Manager > HL7 version 2 options Ensemble > Interoperate > HL7 v 2.x menu
EDI / HL7 Manager > UN/EDIFACT options Ensemble > Interoperate > UN/EDIFACT menu