Caché Installation Guide
Installing Caché on Mac
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Installing Caché on Mac
This chapter describes how to install Caché on a macOS system. It assumes that you are familiar with Mac directory structures, utilities, and commands. This chapter contains the following major sections:
Installation Requirements
This section describes the hardware and software requirements for installations of Caché.
Disk Space Requirements
A standard Caché installation that includes support for Caché Server Pages (CSP), needs approximately 1 GB (gigabytes) of disk space depending on the type of installation you choose.
Supported Platforms and Web Servers
The latest version of Caché is supported on the macOS operating system on Intel. For macOS, the Caché Server Pages (CSP) technology is supported on the Apache and Nginx web servers. For current information, see the “Supported Technologies” chapter of InterSystems Supported Platforms.
When installing Caché and Ensemble, a private version of Apache is installed to ensure that:
  1. The Management Portal runs out of the box.
  2. An out-of-the-box testing capability is provided for development environments.
The private Apache web server is not supported for any other purpose.
For deployments of http-based applications, including CSP, Zen, and SOAP over http or https, you should not use the private web server for any application other than the Management Portal; instead, you must install and deploy one of the supported web servers (for information, see “Supported Web Servers” in the “Supported Technologies” chapter of InterSystems Supported Platforms).
If using CSP, you must install the web server before installing Caché for the installation to configure the web server. Its support on each operating system is dependent on the operating system vendor and is subject to change. See the Web Server Configuration section of the “CSP Configuration” chapter of the Using Caché Server Pages guide for more information.
For up-to-date information about platforms, versions, and features supported for each operating system, see the “Supported Technologies” chapter of InterSystems Supported Platforms.
Caché UNIX® Installation
The installation of Caché on the macOS is much like the installation on any UNIX® platform.
To install Caché:
  1. Obtain the installation kit from InterSystems and install it on the desktop.
  2. Log in as user ID root. It is acceptable to su (superuser) to root while logged in from another account.
  3. See Adjustments for Large Number of Concurrent Processes and make adjustments if needed.
  4. Follow the instructions in the Run the Installation Script section and subsequent sections of the “Installing Caché on UNIX and Linux” chapter of this guide.
  5. For post-installation tasks and other information about Caché on macOS, see the Installing Caché on a UNIX® or Linux sections of the “Installing Caché on UNIX and Linux” chapter of this guide.
Adjustments for Large Number of Concurrent Processes
Make the following adjustments if you are running a system that requires a large number of processes or telnet logins:
  1. Remote connections — The number of pty (pseudo terminal) connections is limited to 128 system-wide. If your applications count on telnet or other pty-using connections for users to access, keep this in mind.
  2. Number of processes — If the pty limit is not a problem, but you need to run a larger number of processes, there are limits to that as well.