Caché Release Notes and Upgrade Checklist Archive
New and Enhanced Features for Caché 5.2
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The following features have been added to Caché for the 5.2 release:

Using our traditional object bindings, each client class has, in addition to its developer-defined properties and methods, a set of Caché supplied methods related to object persistence, e.g. Save() and OpenId(). With Jalapeño this paradigm is changed slightly by separating the persistence behavior into a separate "controller" class that can be used with any Java object.
Caché Managed Provider for .NET
The Caché Managed Provider for .NET supplies high performance relational and object database capabilities through a single client — something that no one else delivers for .NET. This release also provides a Visual Studio .NET plug-in that automatically generates .NET assemblies from Caché class definitions.
IEEE 8-byte Floating Point Support
Support has been added for IEEE 8-byte floating point (a.k.a. "double") values, making Caché more attractive for calculation-intensive applications.
This enhancement includes:
Direct FileMan Dictionary Converter
The Direct FileMan Dictionary Converter enables Caché table definitions to be automatically created from FileMan file definitions. (Previously, the conversion was a two-step process, from Fileman to F DBMS and then to Caché.)
A more detailed description is contained in the section on Converting FileMan Files into Caché Classes in Caché Specialized System Tools and Utilities .
Code Completion in Caché Studio
Code completion simplifies editing in Caché Studio by enabling developers to pick from a list of context-sensitive choices when entering code. For instance, Studio will assist in specifying a class name when "##CLASS(…)" syntax is used or in specifying a property or method name when the type of a variable is known.
Process-Private Globals
Support has been added for process-private globals. Like local variables, they are accessible only by the process that creates them and are automatically deleted when that process halts. However, like globals they are essentially unlimited in size.
Caché Journal File Encryption
Support has been added for encryption and decryption of Caché journal files.
Version Checking (and Optimistic Concurrency)
At the object level, this feature adds automatic support for version checking. If turned on (via a class parameter) it increments the value of a version number property whenever an object is saved. You can use this set of features to implement optimistic concurrency.
Dynamic Dispatch
Dynamic dispatch enables a Caché class to respond to references to properties and methods that are not part of the class definition at compile time.
Free Text Search
Support has been added for indexing and searching textual data, specifically:
ODBC Multiple Result Sets
Support has been added to Caché ODBC for stored procedures that return multiple result sets.
WMI Support
Support has been added for Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), the Microsoft implementation of Web-Based Enterprise Management. This enables Caché to be monitored by a variety of Windows management tools, including Microsoft Management Console.
Enhanced Debugging Capabilities
Caché debugging capabilities have been enhanced in a number of areas:
T-SQL Support
A number of capabilities have been added to simplify migration from SYBASE or SQL Server to Caché, including support for the T-SQL language in stored procedures. T-SQL is currently supported on 32 bit Windows, 32 bit Linux (RedHat and Suse distributions), 64 bit AIX®, and 64 bit Solaris.
Device Level SSL and TLS support
Device level support has been added for secure sockets layer communication using SSL 2, SSL 3, or TLS.
Enhanced ECP Performance
Improvements have been made to ECP and the ECP/jrnsync mechanism to enhance performance and scalability.
Enhanced Windows Cluster Resource Management
This enhancement enables Caché to be managed more easily in a Windows cluster.
Improved RPM Linux Installation
A new RPM install package has been created for Caché on Linux.