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Welcome, System Administrators

As a system administrator for your InterSystems TotalView™ For Asset Management solution, your job is to take care of a small set of administrative tasks, outlined here.


A key first step is defining an initial set of users and data sources, so that data engineers can start creating data pipelines.

Data Source Management

A core purpose of InterSystems TotalView is to provide easy access to data sources. Managing these data sources consists of two tasks:

  • Defining the credentials that the system will use to access the data sources

  • Defining the data sources, which consists of providing the connection information for these sources

The data sources may be external APIs, databases accessed via JDBC, or files written directly to the file system used by InterSystems TotalView .


Defining security consists mainly of the following tasks:

  • Specifying the SSO configuration

  • Defining the users

  • Defining the user roles, which includes specifying access to SQL tables and functions

  • Defining the SSO rules, which connect users and user roles, so that each user has the privileges associated with those roles

Other Configuration

There are options for a handful of additional configuration items:

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