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Exporting and Importing Configurations

For your solution, InterSystems (or other solution partner) sets up and maintains multiple parallel environments so that development and testing activities can safely occur without disturbing mission-critical activities. To simplify the process of keeping the environments synchronized, InterSystems TotalView™ For Asset Management provides options for exporting and importing configurations. Here the term configuration refers to any of the items that you configure within the solution, including schemas, recipes, users, and roles.

Exporting Configurations

To export one or more configurations:

  1. Click the Configuration Management icon in the application menu.

  2. Click Export Configurations.

  3. Click the check box next to each configuration that you want to export.

  4. Click Export Selected.

    The system creates a ZIP file that contains all the selected configurations and it downloads that file to the download location specified by the browser. The name of the file has the form BundleZip<datetime>.zip.

The ZIP file contains one file for each configuration, and for those files, the filename format is itemname.itemtype, for example: MyTestRecipe.TotalViewRecipe.

Importing Configurations

To import one or more configurations:

  1. Create a ZIP file that contains the configuration files.

  2. Click the Configuration Management icon in the application menu.

  3. Click Import Configurations.

  4. Click in the upload area and navigate to your file.

  5. Click Import All.

    The system displays a dialog box indicating whether the import was successful, along with information about any errors.

  6. Click Close.

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