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Set the default InterSystems IRIS password

Set the default InterSystems IRIS password

InterSystems IRIS is installed with several predefined user accountsOpens in a new tab, the initial password for which is SYS. For effective security, it is important that this default password be changed immediately upon deployment of all InterSystems IRIS containers. For this reason, even if you have no other reason to provide configuration merge files (which are optional), you should include at least a common.cpf containing the passwordHashOpens in a new tab parameter, as illustrated in the provided template common.cpf, to reset the default password on all InterSystems IRIS nodes, for example:


InterSystems publishes through the ICR the intersystems/passwordhash image, from which you can create a container that generates the hash for you; for more information about this, the passwordHash parameter, and the default password, see Authentication and PasswordsOpens in a new tab in Running InterSystems Products in Containers.


The passwordHash parameter does not change the default password for the CSPSystem predefined account, which by default provides management access to the Web Gateway in webgateway nodes and webgateway sidecar containers. For more information, see the following section.

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