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datatype class %DeepSee.Datatype.list extends %Library.String


This datatype represents a list of values and supports indexing on each individual value. The list value can be in $List format or be a character-delimited list. The default is comma-delimited.

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parameter DELIMITER = ,;
If LISTTYPE is "PIECE", then this specifies the delimiter character.
parameter LISTTYPE = PIECE;
This specifies whether the data in $List format (LIST) or character delimited (PIECE).
parameter MAXLEN = 30000;
The maximum number of characters the string can contain.


classmethod BuildValueArray(pDocument As %Binary, ByRef pValueArray As %String) as %Status
Convert the list to an array of values that can be indexed.
classmethod LogicalToDisplay(%val="") as %String
Crude display method.

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