persistent class CSPX.EnsMsgFilterForm extends %Library.Persistent, %XML.Adaptor, %CSP.Page, CSPX.AutoFormCSP

SQL Table Name: CSPX.EnsMsgFilterForm

An autoform for gathering VDoc Message Filter info and storing and transmitting it * note - nasty hack: Inherit from %CSP.Page to get #server() work even though we are a pane ;) */

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parameter FORMCOLUMNS = 3;
Number of columns used to layout forms for this class
parameter FunctionList = ,=,!=,>,>=,<,<=,Contains,DoesNotContain,In,NotIn,StartsWith,DoesNotStartWith,Like,NotLike,Matches,DoesNotMatch,InFile,NotInFile;
parameter XMLNAME = MsgFilter;
Inherited description: This parameter provides the default XMLNAME for the class. If it is empty then the class name will be used to construct a default XML name. The default XMLNAME is used as the top level tag when exporting objects and the export context did not provide an XML container name.


property %Description as %String (MAXLEN = 2000, XMLNAME = "description", XMLPROJECTION = "element") [ SqlFieldName = _Description ];
Optional description of this MsgFilter Definition.
Property methods: %DescriptionDisplayToLogical(), %DescriptionGet(), %DescriptionGetStored(), %DescriptionIsValid(), %DescriptionLogicalToDisplay(), %DescriptionLogicalToOdbc(), %DescriptionNormalize(), %DescriptionSet()
property %Name as %String (MAXLEN = 128, XMLNAME = "Name", XMLPROJECTION = "attribute") [ Required ];
The name of this MsgFilter Definition.
Property methods: %NameDisplayToLogical(), %NameGet(), %NameGetStored(), %NameIsValid(), %NameLogicalToDisplay(), %NameLogicalToOdbc(), %NameNormalize(), %NameSet()
property %Terms as list of EnsPortal.MsgFilter.Term (XMLNAME = "Term", XMLPROJECTION = "element");
Set of detailed condition terms in the MsgFilter.
Property methods: %TermsBuildValueArray(), %TermsCollectionToDisplay(), %TermsCollectionToOdbc(), %TermsDisplayToCollection(), %TermsGet(), %TermsGetObject(), %TermsGetObjectId(), %TermsGetStored(), %TermsGetSwizzled(), %TermsIsValid(), %TermsOdbcToCollection(), %TermsSet(), %TermsSetObject(), %TermsSetObjectId()
property ColorBy as %String (CAPTION = "@Ensemble:ColorBy@Color By", VALUELIST = ",TimeCreated,SessionId,Status,Error,Source");
Column to color results by
Property methods: ColorByDisplayToLogical(), ColorByGet(), ColorByGetStored(), ColorByIsValid(), ColorByLogicalToDisplay(), ColorByLogicalToOdbc(), ColorByNormalize(), ColorBySet()
property EndId as %Integer (CAPTION = "@Ensemble:EndId@End Id");
End ID value
Property methods: EndIdDisplayToLogical(), EndIdGet(), EndIdGetStored(), EndIdIsValid(), EndIdLogicalToDisplay(), EndIdNormalize(), EndIdSet(), EndIdXSDToLogical()
property EndTime as %String (CAPTION = "@Ensemble:EndTime@End Time");
End date
Property methods: EndTimeDisplayToLogical(), EndTimeGet(), EndTimeGetStored(), EndTimeIsValid(), EndTimeLogicalToDisplay(), EndTimeLogicalToOdbc(), EndTimeNormalize(), EndTimeSet()
property IsError as %String (CAPTION = "@Ensemble:IsError@Is Error", DISPLAYLIST = ",false,true", VALUELIST = ",0,1");
Property methods: IsErrorDisplayToLogical(), IsErrorGet(), IsErrorGetStored(), IsErrorIsValid(), IsErrorLogicalToDisplay(), IsErrorLogicalToOdbc(), IsErrorNormalize(), IsErrorSet()
property MaxRows as %Integer (CAPTION = "@Ensemble:MaxRows@Max Rows", MINVAL = 1);
Number of rows to display
Property methods: MaxRowsDisplayToLogical(), MaxRowsGet(), MaxRowsGetStored(), MaxRowsIsValid(), MaxRowsLogicalToDisplay(), MaxRowsNormalize(), MaxRowsSet(), MaxRowsXSDToLogical()
property RuntimeMode as %String [ InitialExpression = 2 , Transient ];
Runtime mode to use (controls use of Logical/ODBC/Display values)
Property methods: RuntimeModeDisplayToLogical(), RuntimeModeGet(), RuntimeModeIsValid(), RuntimeModeLogicalToDisplay(), RuntimeModeLogicalToOdbc(), RuntimeModeNormalize(), RuntimeModeSet()
property SortOrder as %String (CAPTION = "@Ensemble:SortOrder@Sort Order", DISPLAYLIST = ",Oldest First,Newest First", VALUELIST = ",1,2") [ InitialExpression = 2 ];
How to sort data
Property methods: SortOrderDisplayToLogical(), SortOrderGet(), SortOrderGetStored(), SortOrderIsValid(), SortOrderLogicalToDisplay(), SortOrderLogicalToOdbc(), SortOrderNormalize(), SortOrderSet()
property Source as %String (CAPTION = "@Ensemble:Source@Source", MAXLEN = 128);
Property methods: SourceDisplayToLogical(), SourceGet(), SourceGetStored(), SourceIsValid(), SourceLogicalToDisplay(), SourceLogicalToOdbc(), SourceNormalize(), SourceSet()
property StartId as %Integer (CAPTION = "@Ensemble:StartId@Start Id");
Starting ID value
Property methods: StartIdDisplayToLogical(), StartIdGet(), StartIdGetStored(), StartIdIsValid(), StartIdLogicalToDisplay(), StartIdNormalize(), StartIdSet(), StartIdXSDToLogical()
property StartTime as %String (CAPTION = "@Ensemble:StartTime@Start Time");
Starting date
Property methods: StartTimeDisplayToLogical(), StartTimeGet(), StartTimeGetStored(), StartTimeIsValid(), StartTimeLogicalToDisplay(), StartTimeLogicalToOdbc(), StartTimeNormalize(), StartTimeSet(), StartTimer()
property Status as Ens.DataType.MessageStatus (CAPTION = "@Ensemble:Status@Status");
Message status
Property methods: StatusDisplayToLogical(), StatusGet(), StatusGetStored(), StatusIsValid(), StatusLogicalToDisplay(), StatusNormalize(), StatusSet(), StatusXSDToLogical()
property TermsStr as %String) [ Transient ];
Serialized set of detailed condition terms from the filter info pane
Property methods: TermsStrDisplayToLogical(), TermsStrGet(), TermsStrIsValid(), TermsStrLogicalToDisplay(), TermsStrLogicalToOdbc(), TermsStrNormalize(), TermsStrSet()
property TimeFormat as %String (CAPTION = "@Ensemble:TimeFormat@Time Format", DISPLAYLIST = ",Time Only,Complete", VALUELIST = ",12,999") [ InitialExpression = 12 ];
Time format
Property methods: TimeFormatDisplayToLogical(), TimeFormatGet(), TimeFormatGetStored(), TimeFormatIsValid(), TimeFormatLogicalToDisplay(), TimeFormatLogicalToOdbc(), TimeFormatNormalize(), TimeFormatSet()
property Timeout as %Numeric [ Transient ];
Timeout to quit doing PostRS checks from within TablePane:EnumerateFetch query
Property methods: TimeoutDisplayToLogical(), TimeoutGet(), TimeoutIsValid(), TimeoutLogicalToDisplay(), TimeoutNormalize(), TimeoutSet(), TimeoutXSDToLogical()
property Type as %String (CAPTION = "@Ensemble:Type@Type", DISPLAYLIST = ",Session Start,Request,Response,All", VALUELIST = ",0,1,2,3") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Message types
Property methods: TypeDisplayToLogical(), TypeGet(), TypeGetStored(), TypeIsValid(), TypeLogicalToDisplay(), TypeLogicalToOdbc(), TypeNormalize(), TypeSet()


classmethod CreateInstance(ByRef pID As %String) as %CSP.Util.AutoForm [ Language = objectscript ]
Inherited description: Create an instance of the AutoForm object using the provided ID value(s). This is overridden by subclasses.
The default implementation will perform an OpenId if the AutoForm is a persistent object.
method DrawHEADExtra(pInstance As %CSP.Util.PageInstance) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
method DrawHTMLExtra(ByRef pID As %String, pActionURL As %String = "", ByRef pButtons As FormButton, pTarget As %String = "") as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
classmethod JavaScript1(tVDocName) [ Language = objectscript ]
classmethod JavaScript2(tDefTermType, tDefClass, tDefProp, tVDocName, tVDocClass, tSearchTableClass) [ Language = objectscript ]
method NextTerm(ByRef iTerm) as EnsPortal.MsgFilter.Term [ Language = objectscript ]
Find the next valid term in the terms list, skipping over adjacent OR's and leading or trailing OR's
classmethod OnDefineButtons(ByRef pButtons As %CSP.Util.FormButton) [ Language = objectscript ]
define buttons
method OnSubmit(ByRef pID As %String, pSubmit As %String) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Inherited description: This callback is called when this form is submitted. pID is the ID value associated with the form. The default implementation will perform a Save if the AutoForm is a persistent object.
pSubmit is the name of the submit button (i.e., $AUTOFORM_SAVE).
classmethod Styles() [ Language = objectscript ]
classmethod cleanReqData(pContextOnly As %Boolean = 0) [ Language = objectscript ]
classmethod isDefaultNewTerm(pTerm, tVDocName, tSearchTableClass) as %Boolean [ Language = objectscript ]
classmethod jsGenerate(tMsgFilter, tVDocName, tSearchTableClass) [ Language = objectscript ]


index (Name on %Name) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: NameCheck(), NameDelete(), NameExists(), NameOpen(), NameSQLCheckUnique(), NameSQLExists(), NameSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), NameSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()

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