class HS.HC.Util.BusinessService extends Ens.BusinessService

HS.HC.BusinessService is a simple business service for directing a specified request message to a specified business host.

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classmethod SendSync(pTargetDispatchName As %String, pRequest As Ens.Request, ByRef pResponse As Ens.Response, pTimeout As %Numeric = -1, pDescription As %String = "", ByRef pSessionId) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]
Send a request synchronously to the specified target dispatch name (i.e., another Interoperability host in the current production for the current namespace) and receive and return the response.

@Input pTargetDispatchName (required) Config item name of an Interoperability business host.
@Input pRequest (required) Interoperability based request message.
@Output pResponse Interoperability based response message.
@Input pTimeout Timeout.
@Input Description Request text description.
@Output pSessionId Message processing session id.

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