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class %XML.XSLT.StreamAdapter extends %Library.RegisteredObject

For details on using this class, see Performing XSLT Transformations.

This class is used to adapt a cache stream into stream that can be readily consumed by the XSLT processor parser

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property Flags as %Integer;
This holds Flags
Property methods: FlagsDisplayToLogical(), FlagsGet(), FlagsIsValid(), FlagsLogicalToDisplay(), FlagsNormalize(), FlagsSet()
property Prefix as %String;
This holds the prefix which has to be logically prepended to the XML stream
Property methods: PrefixDisplayToLogical(), PrefixGet(), PrefixIsValid(), PrefixLogicalToDisplay(), PrefixLogicalToOdbc(), PrefixNormalize(), PrefixSet()
property Stream as %RegisteredObject;
This holds the stream object passed to the class constructor
Property methods: StreamGet(), StreamGetSwizzled(), StreamIsValid(), StreamNewObject(), StreamSet()


method Read(ByRef pLen) as %String

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