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deprecated stream class %ZEN.StudioDocument.ZENAppEditorDocument extends %ZEN.StudioDocument.AbstractDocument

Studio Document class for Zen Application Editor.
This document class applies to Zen application classes: It allows the user to view a visual representation of a Zen Application class.

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parameter DESCRIPTION = Zen Application Editor;
Inherited description: Description Studio will display for this document.
If DOMAIN is defined this will be localized.
parameter DOCUMENTCLASS = %ZEN.application;
If set, name of superclass used for documents of this type.
parameter DOMAIN = %ZEN;
parameter EDITORURL = %25ZEN.StudioDocument.ZENAppEditor.cls;
Inherited description: URL of the editor Studio will display within its HTML pane.
parameter EXTENSION = .app;
Inherited description: File extension used for this document (e.g., ".dtl")


classmethod IsEnabled() as %Boolean
Returns true if this document type is enabled, and false to disable it

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