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deprecated class %iKnow.Filters.RandomFilter extends %iKnow.Filters.Filter

This filter randomly selects a percentage of the existing sources in the current domain, to be used for analysis or query testing.

Filter parameters:

  1. pDomainId As %Integer
  2. pDelect As %Numeric - if this is a value between 0 and 1, it is interpreted as the desired selectivity of the filter or the share of the total number of sources to select. If this value is >= 1, it is considered to be the desired number of sources to select (rounded down). If this value is larger than the total number of sources in this domain, all sources are selected.
  3. pSelectFrom As %iKnow.Filters.Filter - if set to a valid filter object or string representation, the randomly selected sources are selected from this set only. If select refers to a fraction, the fraction is calculated based on the total number of sources filtered by selectFrom as if it were "the full domain" to select from.

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method ToString() as %String
Inherited description:

Subclasses should implement this method to build a string representation of the filter instance. It should start with the filter class name, followed by a pipe (|) character and then a string representation that can be interpreted by its RestoreFilterFromStringInternal() implementation.

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