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deprecated class %iKnow.Source.Global.Lister extends %iKnow.Source.Lister

Lister implementation for retrieving sources directly from globals.

Lister Parameters to be supplied to AddListToBatch() and ProcessList() calls:

  1. globalref As %String - global reference where data is stored
  2. begsub As %String - beginning subscript (if not "")
  3. endsub As %String - ending subscript (default "")
  4. filter As %String - default "", $xecute expression, passed current subscript returns non-zero if this location needs to be processed

External ID structure: [GroupName]:[LocalRef]

Lister alias: "GLOBAL"

Default Processor: %iKnow.Source.Global.Processor

Method Inventory


method ExpandList(listparams As %List) as %Status

Scans through the global nodes as dictated by the Lister Parameters. No metadata is gathered along the way.

See also ExpandList in %iKnow.Source.Lister.

classmethod GetAlias() as %String

Lister alias: "GLOBAL"

method TestParams(listerParams...) as %Status

Tests performed by this Lister:

  1. globalref: checks whether a vald global ref (but does not check global existence)
  2. begsub: no checks
  3. endsub: no checks
  4. filter: if nonempty, checks whether this is a valid expression for $xecute() with two parameters

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