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persistent class SYS.DataCheck.Configuration extends %Library.Persistent

SQL Table Name: SYS_DataCheck.Configuration

Static configuration elements for the destination system. An instance of this class is referenced by each Destination object. The Configuration object cannot be changed while the system is running. The configuration elements in this are primary concerned with defining the source system to connect to. The RunParameters defines the performance characteristics and what should be checked, and Workflow defines the strategy for performing the check.

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property DBXMap as array of LocalDatabase;
Mapping from source database paths to destination database paths. Keyed by source database path; value is destination database path. Not used when DataCheck is configured to check a mirror.
Property methods: DBXMapBuildValueArray(), DBXMapCollectionToDisplay(), DBXMapCollectionToOdbc(), DBXMapDisplayToCollection(), DBXMapDisplayToLogical(), DBXMapGet(), DBXMapGetObject(), DBXMapGetObjectId(), DBXMapGetPath(), DBXMapGetStored(), DBXMapGetSwizzled(), DBXMapIsMirrorDBName(), DBXMapIsPath(), DBXMapIsValid(), DBXMapLogicalToDisplay(), DBXMapLogicalToOdbc(), DBXMapNormalize(), DBXMapOdbcToCollection(), DBXMapSet(), DBXMapSetObject(), DBXMapSetObjectId()
property Host as %String (MAXLEN = 250);
Hostname or IP address of source system. Not used when DataCheck is configured to check a mirror
Property methods: HostDisplayToLogical(), HostGet(), HostGetStored(), HostIsValid(), HostLogicalToDisplay(), HostLogicalToOdbc(), HostNormalize(), HostSet()
property PauseCheckingBackupWhenNotActive as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
For DataCheck configured to check a mirror, pause DataCheck if either the source or the destination system is the backup failover member and the backup is not marked as active.
Property methods: PauseCheckingBackupWhenNotActiveDisplayToLogical(), PauseCheckingBackupWhenNotActiveGet(), PauseCheckingBackupWhenNotActiveGetStored(), PauseCheckingBackupWhenNotActiveIsValid(), PauseCheckingBackupWhenNotActiveLogicalToDisplay(), PauseCheckingBackupWhenNotActiveNormalize(), PauseCheckingBackupWhenNotActiveSet()
property Port as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 1972 ];
Port of source system. Not used when DataCheck is configured to check a mirror
Property methods: PortDisplayToLogical(), PortGet(), PortGetStored(), PortIsValid(), PortLogicalToDisplay(), PortNormalize(), PortSet()
property PrimarySourceRequirement as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
For DataCheck configured to check a mirror, sets requirements about the state of the SourceMirrorMember
  • -1 - Wait until SourceMirrorMember is no longer primary
  • 0 - No Requirement
  • 1 - Wait until SourceMirrorMember is primary
  • Property methods: PrimarySourceRequirementDisplayToLogical(), PrimarySourceRequirementGet(), PrimarySourceRequirementGetStored(), PrimarySourceRequirementIsValid(), PrimarySourceRequirementLogicalToDisplay(), PrimarySourceRequirementNormalize(), PrimarySourceRequirementSet()
    property SSLConfig as %String;
    Optional name of SSL configuration to use for secure connection. Not used when DataCheck is configured to check a mirror
    Property methods: SSLConfigDisplayToLogical(), SSLConfigGet(), SSLConfigGetStored(), SSLConfigIsValid(), SSLConfigLogicalToDisplay(), SSLConfigLogicalToOdbc(), SSLConfigNormalize(), SSLConfigSet()
    property SourceMirrorMember as %String;
    Mirror member to connect to. This property is not intended to be changed once created.
    Property methods: SourceMirrorMemberDisplayToLogical(), SourceMirrorMemberGet(), SourceMirrorMemberGetStored(), SourceMirrorMemberIsValid(), SourceMirrorMemberLogicalToDisplay(), SourceMirrorMemberLogicalToOdbc(), SourceMirrorMemberNormalize(), SourceMirrorMemberSet()
    property SystemName as SystemName [ Required ];
    Name of the DataCheck Destination system that uses this object. Set upon creating the destination object and should not be changed.
    Property methods: SystemNameDisplayToLogical(), SystemNameGet(), SystemNameGetStored(), SystemNameIsValid(), SystemNameLogicalToDisplay(), SystemNameLogicalToOdbc(), SystemNameNormalize(), SystemNameSet()


    method ImportFromShadowDestination(shadowname As %String) as %Status
    Resets this configuration based on the shadow configuration specified by 'shadowname'.


    index (IdIndex on SystemName) [IdKey, Type = key];
    Index methods: IdIndexCheck(), IdIndexDelete(), IdIndexExists(), IdIndexOpen(), IdIndexSQLCheckUnique(), IdIndexSQLExists(), IdIndexSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IdIndexSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()

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    Storage Model: Storage (SYS.DataCheck.Configuration)


    Storage Model: Storage (SYS.DataCheck.Configuration)

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