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The use of Shadowing is deprecated and no longer supported on IRIS. Please refer to this overview on High Availability solutionsOpens in a new tab in the IRIS documentation for more information about recommended alternatives.

API for current InterSystems IRIS instance acting as a data source of shadowing

Method Inventory


classmethod Close(WaitTime As %Integer = 15) as %Status
To close existing shadow connections. To deny future incoming connections as well, one should configure %Service_Shadow accordingly before calling this method or simply call Disable(), which disables %Service_Shadow.
classmethod Disable(WaitTime As %Integer = 15) as %Status
To deny future incoming connections by disabling %Service_Shadow and close existing shadow connections. WaitTime specifies how long (in seconds) to wait for existing connections to close before returning. 0 means no wait, in which case one may query for existing connections afterwards. The default is 15 seconds. Returns 0 (no error description) if wait timed out.
classmethod GetLatency(pid As %Integer) as %Integer
Latency of transferring journal files to the shadow side (destination)
The latency is the time (in seconds) needed to transfer the remaining journal data, projected based on the current transfer rate. -1 if latency is (temporarily) unavailable.


query Connections()
Selects Port As %String, Shadow IP As %String, Journal As %String, PID As %Integer, Latency As %String, Shadowing Rate As %String
Returns details about current connections from shadows:
  • Port: The port number of TCP device receiving the incoming shadow connection;
  • Shadow IP: IP address of the incoming shadow connection;
  • Journal: The path of the source journal file currently being sent to the shadow;
  • PID: process ID of the job sending source journal file to the shadow;
  • Latency: A string typically consisting of a number and a time unit (seconds, minutes or hours), e.g., "0 second", or "N/A" if latency figure is (temporarily) unavailable;
  • Shadowing Rate: Rate of transferring journal files to the shadow, in units such as bytes/sec, KB/sec, etc. (e.g., "10 MB/sec"), or "N/A" if the rate is (temporarily) unavailable.
query Errors()
Selects Time As %TimeStamp, $ZE As %String, Info As %String, Occurrences As %Integer
Returns details about errors.
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