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abstract class Ens.Enterprise.MsgBank.BankHelperClass

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abstract classmethod OnBankMsg(pHeader As Ens.Enterprise.MsgBank.MessageHeader, pFullHeaderID As %String, pBody As %RegisteredObject = "", pFullBodyID As %String, pService As Ens.Enterprise.MsgBank.TCPService) as %Status
A helper function that can be invoked from the Message Bank TCP Service (of type Ens.Enterprise.MsgBank.TCPService). If the Message Bank TCP service is configured to use a subclass of this class as its BankHelperClass, then the service will invoke this method for each incoming message header that also banks the message body. The arguments to the method are as follows:
  • pHeader - the Ens.Enterprise.MsgBank.MessageHeader object being banked,
  • pFullHeaderID - the full ID of the header,
  • pBody - the message body object being banked,
  • pFullBodyID - the full ID of the message body, and
  • pService - the Ens.Enterprise.MsgBank.TCPService instance. The service object is passed in to allow the helper code to send data to other components in the production, especially asynchronously. If all the code is executed directly within this method, the overall throughput of the service may be affected due to the extra processing overhead.
Users should override this implementation with their own as needed.
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