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class Ens.InterfaceMaps.Utils extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Method Inventory


parameter DOMAIN = Ensemble;


classmethod FindSequentialPath(pSpec As %String, pProduction As %String = "", Output pSC As %Status) as %String
Method for finding a more detailed description of one particular route through the production pSpec is a JSON string describing which service, processes, rules, transforms, and operations are involved. This is of form {"Service":,"Processes":,"Rules":,"Transforms":,"Operation":} If there are multiple processes, rules, or transforms, they should be input as a comma-delimited string. pProduction is the name of the production that this route exists within; does not to be specified if it is the active production pSC is a status code The output is a JSON string describing each step of the route sequentially - pairing any Rules and Transforms with the Business Process or Operation in which they are called This is of form {"Service":,"Operation":{"ConfigName":,"Rule":,"Transform":},"Processes":[{"ConfigName":,"Rule":,"Transform":},...]}


query EnumeratePaths(pSearchTerm As %String = "", pSearchIn As %String = "{""svc"":1,""op"":1,""proc"":1,""rule"":1,""xform"":1}", pCaseSensitive As %Boolean = 0, pProdName As %String = "", pProdCategory As %String = "", pTempPortalNode As %String = "")
Selects Service As %String, Processes As %String, Rules As %String, Transforms As %String, Operation As %String
Query to list all Interface Routes through the current production. Parameters permit for filtering to only routes for which a given search term appears in one or more components of the route. pSearchTerm is the text to search for. pSearchIn is a JSON string indicating which components of the route to search in: 1 indicates to search, 0 indicates not to. In the JSON string "svc" is used for services, "op" for operations, "proc" for processes, "rule" for rules, and "xform" for transformations. pCaseSensitive indicates whether or not to perform a case sensitive search: 1 will return only routes for which the match is exact, 0 permits the case between the results and the search text to be different. pProdName is the name of the production in which to find routes. If left blank, the current production is used. pProdCategory is the Category of production configuration items to show. If specified, results will be filtered to only routes for which every item is assigned to the selected category. pTempPortalNode is for internal use only

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