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class Ens.ServiceRegistry.Public.API extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Method Inventory


parameter DOMAIN = Ensemble;


classmethod CloneService(pID As %String, pName As %String, pDomain As %String, pVersion As %String) as %Status
classmethod Count() as %Integer
classmethod DeleteAction(pID) as %Status
classmethod DeleteAttribute(pID) as %Status
classmethod DeleteContact(pID) as %Status
classmethod DeleteFile(pID) as %Status
classmethod DeleteService(pID As %String) as %String
classmethod ExistsAction(pID) as %Boolean
classmethod ExistsAttribute(pID) as %Boolean
classmethod ExistsContact(pID) as %Boolean
classmethod ExistsFile(pID) as %Boolean
classmethod ExistsService(pName As %String, pDomain As %String, pVersion As %String) as %Boolean
classmethod ListServices(Output tStreamString)
classmethod PerformSearch(ByRef pSearchCriteria, ByRef pExtendedCriteria, pStatus As %Status = $$$OK) as %SQL.Statement
Search the Registry for services which match the provided set of pSearchCriteria and pExtendedCriteria. Both sets of criteria will take the form of arrays.

Allowed subscripts for pSearchCriteria are:
  • 'Version' as a single version
  • 'Visibility' as a boolean - 1 for visible to users of the Registry, 0 for visible only to the administrator
  • 'WordMatch' as a string of text contained in a service's name domain description endpoint or topics list
  • 'AllowedValues' as a single role which would be among those permitted to see each service in the result set
  • 'Protocols' which has subscripts 'File','FTP','HL7','HTTP','REST','SOAP','SQL','X12', and 'Other' as boolean values
  • 'Stages' which has subscripts 'Concept','Defunct','Deprecated','Development','Live','Staging', and 'Test' as boolean values
Any extra subscripts will be ignored.

The pExtendedCriteria array takes the following form:
  • pExtendedCriteria(Criterion) = Type, where Criterion is a number and Type is either 'AND' or 'OR'
  • pExtendedCriteria(Criterion,Condition) = Type, where Condition is a number and Type is 'IF','AND', or 'OR'. The first condition in a criterion set should be of type 'IF'.
  • pExtendedCriteria(Criterion,Condition,"attr") is the name of an attribute
  • pExtendedCriteria(Criterion,Condition,"op") is the name of a comparison operation to be performed on the attribute. Allowed operations are =,!=,>,<,>=,<=,CONTAINS,DOESNOTCONTAIN
  • pExtendedCriteria(Criterion,Condition,"val") is the value which the attribute's value is being compared to.

classmethod SaveService(pProxy As %ZEN.proxyObject) as %Status
classmethod UserHasSearchPermissions() as %Boolean
classmethod UserIsRegistryManager() as %Boolean

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