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class EnsLib.EDI.SEF.Location extends EnsLib.EDI.SEF.Node

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property EleID as %String;
This holds the element id, applicable to dictionary segment only
Property methods: EleIDDisplayToLogical(), EleIDGet(), EleIDIsValid(), EleIDLogicalToDisplay(), EleIDLogicalToOdbc(), EleIDNormalize(), EleIDSet()
property EleOrd as %Integer;
This holds the item (element/composite) ordinal
Property methods: EleOrdDisplayToLogical(), EleOrdGet(), EleOrdIsValid(), EleOrdLogicalToDisplay(), EleOrdNormalize(), EleOrdSet()
property SegOrd as %Integer;
This holds the ordinal number of segment reference within transaction set
Property methods: SegOrdDisplayToLogical(), SegOrdGet(), SegOrdIsValid(), SegOrdLogicalToDisplay(), SegOrdNormalize(), SegOrdSet()
property SegTag as %String;
This holds the segment tag, applicable to dictionary segment only
Property methods: SegTagDisplayToLogical(), SegTagGet(), SegTagIsValid(), SegTagLogicalToDisplay(), SegTagLogicalToOdbc(), SegTagNormalize(), SegTagSet()
property Set as %String;
This holds the Transaction Set ID
Property methods: SetDisplayToLogical(), SetGet(), SetIsValid(), SetLogicalToDisplay(), SetLogicalToOdbc(), SetNormalize(), SetSet()
property SubEleOrd as %Integer;
This holds the sub-element ordinal (optional)
Property methods: SubEleOrdDisplayToLogical(), SubEleOrdGet(), SubEleOrdIsValid(), SubEleOrdLogicalToDisplay(), SubEleOrdNormalize(), SubEleOrdSet()

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