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abstract class EnsLib.ITK.Framework.Client.WebClient extends %SOAP.WebRequest

Generic Web Client used for all Web Requests.

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parameter SERVICENAME;
Inherited description: Dummy service name when used to just send XML body
parameter SOAPHEADERS = ITKExtensions:EnsLib.ITK.Framework.ITKExtensions;
Inherited description: A list of supported SOAP headers is specified as a comma separated list of input header specifications. Each specification is of the form "headerName:headerClass" where headerName is the element name of the supported header and headerClass is the %SOAP.Header subclass that corresponds to that header. This list defines all headers supported in the SOAP request.
parameter SrcVer = $Id$;
WSADDRESSING parameter controls automatic generation of WS-Addressing headers.


classmethod GetSoapParameters(ByRef bindingStyle As %String, ByRef bodyUse As %String, ByRef namespace As %String, ByRef xmlimportnamespace As %String, ByRef typeNamespace As %String, ByRef oneWay As %Boolean, ByRef xmlelement As %Boolean, ByRef bare As %Boolean, pServiceName As %String = "")
Inherited description: Return document/literal parameters for sending an XML body

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