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class EnsLib.ITK.Util.ImportSchema

Utility Methods to create HL7 Schema file from Class Definitions.

Method Inventory


parameter SrcVer = $Id$;


classmethod CompareSchemas(a, b)
classmethod CreateHL7v2Schema(pPackage As %String, pSchemaName As %String, pIOStream As %IO.I.CharacterStream, pNamespace As %String, pBase) as %Status
classmethod DataSegmentStructure(pDef As %Dictionary.ClassDefinition, pType As %String) as %Status
classmethod GetClassName(pClass As %String, pProp As %String) as %String
classmethod GetName(pClass As %String) as %String
Use the XMLNAME Parameter to get the Name
classmethod GetPropName(pClass As %String, pProp As %String) as %String
Use the XMLNAME Annotation to get the Name
classmethod GetType(pClass As %String) as %String
Use the XMLTYPE Parameter to get the Type - Doc Type
classmethod GroupNameCodeTableSet(pClass As %String, pValue As %String, pDocType As %String, pMsgStruct As %String) as %Status
classmethod IsRequired(pClass As %String, pProp As %String, ByRef pIsRequired As %Boolean, ByRef pIsRepeating As %Boolean)
classmethod MakeGroupStructure(pClass As %String) as %String
classmethod OutputMiddleTags(pIOStream As %IO.I.CharacterStream, pSchemaName As %String, pBase As %String) as %Status
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