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class EnsLib.ITK.Validation.UnitTests extends %UnitTest.TestCase

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parameter ACTIONRESPSUFFIX = Response;


property Fault as %Boolean;
Property methods: FaultDisplayToLogical(), FaultGet(), FaultIsValid(), FaultLogicalToDisplay(), FaultNormalize(), FaultSet()
property Name as %String;
Property methods: NameDisplayToLogical(), NameGet(), NameIsValid(), NameLogicalToDisplay(), NameLogicalToOdbc(), NameNormalize(), NameSet()
property RequestSync as %Boolean;
Property methods: RequestSyncDisplayToLogical(), RequestSyncGet(), RequestSyncIsValid(), RequestSyncLogicalToDisplay(), RequestSyncNormalize(), RequestSyncSet()
property ResponseSync as %Boolean;
Property methods: ResponseSyncDisplayToLogical(), ResponseSyncGet(), ResponseSyncIsValid(), ResponseSyncLogicalToDisplay(), ResponseSyncNormalize(), ResponseSyncSet()
property SubDir as %String;
Property methods: SubDirDisplayToLogical(), SubDirGet(), SubDirIsValid(), SubDirLogicalToDisplay(), SubDirLogicalToOdbc(), SubDirNormalize(), SubDirSet()


method GetLogFile(pInstance As %Integer, pIsRequest As %Boolean) as %String
method OnAfterAllTests() as %Status
Inherited description: Run by RunTest once after all test methods in the test class are run. Can be used to tear down a test environment that was set up by OnBeforeAllTests See example in OnBeforeAllTests.
method OnBeforeAllTests() as %Status
Inherited description: Run by RunTest once before any test methods in the test class are run. Can be used to set up a test environment that will be later cleaned up by OnAfterAllTests.
NOTE: OnBeforeAllTests does not currently support skipping tests. Calls to $$$AssertSkipped in OnBeforeAllTests may result in tests appearing to pass rather than being skipped.

Example: Setup and Cleanup of an environment:
Method OnBeforeAllTests() As %Status
	//do setup stuff here
 	set ^inputMessage = "input message"
	quit $$$OK
Method OnAfterAllTests() As %Status
	//do clean up stuff here
	kill ^inputMessage
	quit $$$OK
method TestCertificate()
method TestConfig()
method TestResponseRelatesTo()
method TestSOAPAction()
method TestTimestamp()
classmethod fixPath(path As %String) as %String

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