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class EnsLib.JavaGateway.InterfaceEnabler extends %Net.Remote.ImportHelper

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final classmethod ImportJ2EE(J2EEJarFile As %String, port As %Integer, host As %String = "")
Imports all J2EE interfaces (EJB, JCA, JTA, Java XML, JTA,...) J2EEJarFile is the location/name of your J2EE jar file, say "c:/myj2ee/j2ee.jar"
final classmethod ImportJDBC(port As %Integer, host As %String = "")
Imports the JDBC interface
final classmethod ImportJGSamples(port As %Integer, host As %String = "")
Imports sample Java classes from //dev/java/samples
final classmethod ImportPersonJBoss(PersonEJBJar As %String, J2EEJarFile As %String, port As %Integer, host As %String = "")
Imports InterSystems JBoss Person EJBs J2EEJarFile should point to the J2EE jar file, for example "c:/myj2ee/j2ee.jar" PersonEJBJar should point to your PersonEJB.jar (as generated by the EJB Boss projection) for example: "c:/jboss-4.0.1sp1/server/default/deploy/PersonEJB.jar"
final classmethod ImportSAPJCo(SAPJCoJar As %String, port As %Integer, host As %String = "")
Imports the SAP JCo interface SAPJCoJar should point to your SAP JCo jar file, say C:/SAP/sapjco.jar
final classmethod ImportSonicJMS(sonicBrokerJar As %String, sonicContextJar As %String, port As %Integer, host As %String = "")
Imports SonicMQ QueueConnectionFactory, allowing connectivity to SonicMQ JMS Server sonicBrokerJar should point to your Sonic broker.jar, say "C:/Program Files/SonicSoftware/SonicMQ/lib/broker.jar" sonicContextJar should point to your Sonic mfcontext.jar, say "C:/Program Files/SonicSoftware/SonicMQ/lib/mfcontext.jar"

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