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persistent class extends

SQL Table Name: %pkg_isc_rest_openAPI_model.openAPI

A representation of the OpenAPI Specification OpenAPI Object (see Note that this is the top-level object for a given OpenAPI Specification. This class' Validate() method may be used to validate an entire specification.

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property Components as (%JSONFIELDNAME = "components");
@OpenAPI: An element to hold various schemas for the specification.
Property methods: ComponentsGet(), ComponentsGetObject(), ComponentsGetObjectId(), ComponentsGetStored(), ComponentsGetSwizzled(), ComponentsIsValid(), ComponentsNewObject(), ComponentsSet(), ComponentsSetObject(), ComponentsSetObjectId(), ComponentsUnSwizzle()
property DispatchClass as %Dictionary.CacheClassname (%JSONINCLUDE = "none");
We have at most one openAPI spec per dispatch class at a time
Property methods: DispatchClassGet(), DispatchClassGetStored(), DispatchClassIsValid(), DispatchClassSet()
property ExternalDocs as (%JSONFIELDNAME = "externalDocs");
@OpenAPI: Additional external documentation.
Property methods: ExternalDocsGet(), ExternalDocsGetObject(), ExternalDocsGetObjectId(), ExternalDocsGetStored(), ExternalDocsGetSwizzled(), ExternalDocsIsValid(), ExternalDocsNewObject(), ExternalDocsSet(), ExternalDocsSetObject(), ExternalDocsSetObjectId(), ExternalDocsUnSwizzle()
property Info as (%JSONFIELDNAME = "info") [ Required ];
@OpenAPI: Provides metadata about the API. The metadata MAY be used by tooling as required.
Property methods: InfoGet(), InfoGetObject(), InfoGetObjectId(), InfoGetStored(), InfoGetSwizzled(), InfoIsValid(), InfoNewObject(), InfoSet(), InfoSetObject(), InfoSetObjectId(), InfoUnSwizzle()
property OpenAPI as %String (%JSONFIELDNAME = "openapi", MAXLEN = 2000) [ InitialExpression = ##class( , Required ];
@OpenAPI: This string MUST be the semantic version number of the OpenAPI Specification version that the OpenAPI document uses. The openapi field SHOULD be used by tooling specifications and clients to interpret the OpenAPI document. This is not related to the API info.version string. This value is initially taken from, and should NOT be hardcoded here.
Property methods: OpenAPIDisplayToLogical(), OpenAPIGet(), OpenAPIGetStored(), OpenAPIIsValid(), OpenAPILogicalToDisplay(), OpenAPILogicalToOdbc(), OpenAPINormalize(), OpenAPISet()
property Paths as (%JSONFIELDNAME = "paths") [ Required ];
@OpenAPI: The available paths and operations for the API.
Property methods: PathsGet(), PathsGetObject(), PathsGetObjectId(), PathsGetStored(), PathsGetSwizzled(), PathsIsValid(), PathsNewObject(), PathsSet(), PathsSetObject(), PathsSetObjectId(), PathsUnSwizzle()
property Security as list of (%JSONFIELDNAME = "security");
@OpenAPI: A declaration of which security mechanisms can be used across the API. The list of values includes alternative security requirement objects that can be used. Only one of the security requirement objects need to be satisfied to authorize a request. Individual operations can override this definition. To make security optional, an empty security requirement ({}) can be included in the array.
Property methods: SecurityBuildValueArray(), SecurityCollectionToDisplay(), SecurityCollectionToOdbc(), SecurityDisplayToCollection(), SecurityGet(), SecurityGetObject(), SecurityGetObjectId(), SecurityGetStored(), SecurityGetSwizzled(), SecurityIsValid(), SecurityOdbcToCollection(), SecuritySet(), SecuritySetObject(), SecuritySetObjectId()
property Servers as list of (%JSONFIELDNAME = "servers");
@OpenAPI: An array of Server Objects, which provide connectivity information to a target server. If the servers property is not provided, or is an empty array, the default value would be a Server Object with a url value of /.
Property methods: ServersBuildValueArray(), ServersCollectionToDisplay(), ServersCollectionToOdbc(), ServersDisplayToCollection(), ServersGet(), ServersGetObject(), ServersGetObjectId(), ServersGetStored(), ServersGetSwizzled(), ServersIsValid(), ServersOdbcToCollection(), ServersSet(), ServersSetObject(), ServersSetObjectId()
property Tags as list of (%JSONFIELDNAME = "tags");
@OpenAPI: A list of tags used by the specification with additional metadata. The order of the tags can be used to reflect on their order by the parsing tools. Not all tags that are used by the Operation Object must be declared. The tags that are not declared MAY be organized randomly or based on the tools’ logic. Each tag name in the list MUST be unique.
Property methods: TagsBuildValueArray(), TagsCollectionToDisplay(), TagsCollectionToOdbc(), TagsDisplayToCollection(), TagsGet(), TagsGetObject(), TagsGetObjectId(), TagsGetStored(), TagsGetSwizzled(), TagsIsValid(), TagsOdbcToCollection(), TagsSet(), TagsSetObject(), TagsSetObjectId()


method TrimSchemas(gen=1)
Remove unused schemas from the specification
method Validate(fullSpecification As = "", debug=0, gen=1) as %Boolean
@Override: Validate the OpenAPI specification represented by this object Note: Adds an additional optional gen parameter, defaulting to true, to control whether or not Reference Keys need to be (re)generated
method ValidateComponent(fullSpecification As, debug=0) as %Boolean
@Override: Component-level validation on this object will always fail, as it should never be used as a component in a specification


index (DispatchClass on DispatchClass) [Unique];
Index methods: DispatchClassCheck(), DispatchClassCheckUnique(), DispatchClassDelete(), DispatchClassExists(), DispatchClassGet(), DispatchClassGetStored(), DispatchClassIsValid(), DispatchClassOpen(), DispatchClassSQLCheckUnique(), DispatchClassSQLExists(), DispatchClassSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), DispatchClassSQLFindRowIDByConstraint(), DispatchClassSet()

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