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class HS.AU.HI.WebServices extends EnsLib.SOAP.Service

The default Hub Web Services component.
Provides a SOAP interface to the hub for use by other parts of HealthShare.

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parameter ADAPTER;
Inherited description: Name of the adapter class - override this to "" if you want to use only the regular SOAP mechanism and not the custom-port InboundAdapter.
parameter NAMESPACE =;
This is the namespace used by the Service
Inherited description: OUTPUTTYPEATTRIBUTE allows the programmer to force the xsi:type attribute to be included in all elements of a SOAP message which is a web client request or web service response.
parameter SECURITYIN = allow;
Inherited description: The SECURITYIN parameter controls the treatment of a WS-Security header in the input SOAP message. The possible values of SECURITYIN are ALLOW, NOHEADER, IGNORE, IGNOREALL and REQUIRE.
- The default value of IGNORE will ignore any WS-Security headers in the input except for the UsernameToken which can always be used to login the user.
- The value of ALLOW will cause the WS-Security header to be verified on input.
- The value of REQUIRE will require the presence of the WS-Security header and verify the header on input.
- The value of IGNOREALL will ignore any WS-Security headers in the input including the UsernameToken.

- The value of NOHEADER will REALLY ignore any WS-Security headers in the input including the UsernameToken.

Note that if validation of the Security header is enabled (ALLOW or REQUIRE), then a CA file, named iris.cer, containing the trusted root X509 certificates should be put in the InterSystems IRIS manager directory if signature verification or decryption is to be performed. An optional Certificate Revocation List (iris.crl) may also be put in the InterSystems IRIS manager directory.
parameter SERVICENAME = HS.AU.HI.WebServices;
Name of the WebService.
parameter SETTINGS = QueryProcess;
Inherited description: Can't do grace period without an OnTask loop
If the SOAPMETHODINHERITANCE parameter is true (1), then WebMethods are inherited from any super class. The default for the SOAPMETHODINHERITANCE parameter is false (0) which means no WebMethods are inherited from a super class.
Inherited description: WSADDRESSING parameter controls automatic generation of WS-Addressing headers.


property QueryProcess as Ens.DataType.ConfigName [ InitialExpression = "HS.AU.HI.Management.Process" ];
Property methods: QueryProcessDisplayToLogical(), QueryProcessGet(), QueryProcessIsValid(), QueryProcessLogicalToDisplay(), QueryProcessLogicalToOdbc(), QueryProcessNormalize(), QueryProcessParseConfigNameSpec(), QueryProcessSet()


method OnPreWebMethod()
Inherited description: The OnPreWebMethod method will be called before any web method in a web service. OnPreWebMethod cannot return a value and thus cannot change the execution of the web service except by returning a SOAP fault in the same way that a web method would return a SOAP fault. OnPreWebMethod can look at %request, %session and the web service properties to control its behavior. MsgClass is a web service property which is the message descriptor class which contains the web method arguments.
Given a HPI-I number and LastName ensure the number is valid (validate now or has been validated in the last 24 hours)
Given a HPI-O number ensure the number is valid (validate now or has been validated in the last 24 hours)

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