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persistent class HS.AU.Message.PCEHR.RemoveDocumentRequest extends HS.AU.Message.CommonRequest

SQL Table Name: HS_AU_Message_PCEHR.RemoveDocumentRequest

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parameter NAMESPACE =;
Inherited description: NAMESPACE specifies the XML namespace to be used when projecting the class to XML. If NAMESPACE = "", the default namespace is used for the XML schema is used as the namespace for his class.
parameter RESPONSECLASSNAME = HS.AU.Message.PCEHR.RemoveDocumentResponse;
parameter XMLNAME = removeDocument;
Inherited description: This parameter provides the default XMLNAME for the class. If it is empty then the class name will be used to construct a default XML name. The default XMLNAME is used as the top level tag when exporting objects and the export context did not provide an XML container name.


property DocumentID as %String) [ Required ];
Property methods: DocumentIDDisplayToLogical(), DocumentIDGet(), DocumentIDGetStored(), DocumentIDIsValid(), DocumentIDLogicalToDisplay(), DocumentIDLogicalToOdbc(), DocumentIDNormalize(), DocumentIDSet()
property ReasonForRemoval as %String) [ Required ];
Property methods: ReasonForRemovalDisplayToLogical(), ReasonForRemovalGet(), ReasonForRemovalGetStored(), ReasonForRemovalIsValid(), ReasonForRemovalLogicalToDisplay(), ReasonForRemovalLogicalToOdbc(), ReasonForRemovalNormalize(), ReasonForRemovalSet()
property SAMLData as HS.AU.PCEHR.SecurityHeader.Data;
Inherited description: Contains SAML user / rhio / token
Property methods: SAMLDataGet(), SAMLDataGetObject(), SAMLDataGetObjectId(), SAMLDataGetStored(), SAMLDataGetSwizzled(), SAMLDataIsEmpty(), SAMLDataIsValid(), SAMLDataNewObject(), SAMLDataSet(), SAMLDataSetObject(), SAMLDataSetObjectId(), SAMLDataUnSwizzle()

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Storage Model: Storage (Ens.MessageBody)


Storage Model: Storage (HS.AU.Message.CommonRequest)


Storage Model: Storage (HS.AU.Message.CommonRequest)


Storage Model: Storage (HS.AU.Message.PCEHR.RemoveDocumentRequest)

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