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class HS.AU.SMD.Operations extends Ens.BusinessOperation, HS.AU.SMD.Common, HS.HC.Util.Trace.Helper

Retry is not working... E=R in Additional:ReplyCodeAction - it creates a new message, and therefore a new invocation id need to make it one invocation id with timestamps.

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parameter ADAPTER = HS.Util.SOAPClient.Adapter.Outbound;
Inherited description: The type of adapter used to communicate with external systems
parameter SETTINGS = -ServiceName:Basic:selector?Select=1&context={HS.Util.ContextSearch/ServiceNameItems};
Inherited description: List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


method Deliver(pRequest As HS.AU.Message.SMD.DeliveryRequest, Output pResponse As HS.AU.Message.SMD.DeliveryResponse) as %Library.Status
method DeliverCommon(pRequest As HS.AU.Message.SMD.DeliveryRequestBase, pServiceInterFace As %String, Output pBody, Output pObjSI, Output pSignWith, Output pEncryptWith)
method GetInteraction(pTarget As %String, pServiceCategory As %String, pServiceInterface As %String, ByRef pObjSI As HS.AU.ELS.InteractionCache) as %Status
Get interaction information from the InteractionCache (eventually this will query out to ELS Operation)
classmethod MakeMetadata(ByRef metadata As HS.AU.Types.SMD.MessageMetadataType, objSI As HS.AU.ELS.InteractionCache, pRequest As HS.AU.Message.SMD.DeliveryRequestBase) as %Status
Using interaction information make Metadata object
method SetHeader(pAction)
method SetRouteRecord(pRequest As HS.AU.Message.SMD.DeliveryRequest, pBody As HS.AU.Types.SMD.Deliver) as %Status
This method must return an interaction record for a TRD service which will be added to the deliver operation's metadata . The nominated endpoint in the service interaction specified here, will receive transport responses from the recipient
method TransportDelivery(pRequest As HS.AU.Message.SMD.TransportDeliveryRequest, Output pResponse As HS.AU.Message.SMD.DeliveryResponse) as %Library.Status
Handle sending a TransportDeliveryRequest (notification that we have processed the message)
classmethod ValidateResponse(pResponse As HS.AU.Message.SMD.ImmediateDeliveryResponse, document As %XML.Document, ByRef objData As HS.AU.SMD.BaseDataType) as %Status

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