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class HS.FHIRServer.Schema extends HS.FHIRMeta.Impl.Impl

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parameter AllResourceTypeName = Resource;
The ResourceType index (for properties and search parameters in Schema) for the type that specifies parameters present in all resources
parameter AlwaysReload = 1;
Debugging Parameter
parameter ImplementationClass = HS.FHIRServer.Schema;
Override the Metadata implementation class. This class adds FHIRServer-specific methods.
parameter NonResourceName = NotAResource;


property propertyTypeCache [ MultiDimensional ];
This is a MultiDimensional projection of property metadata. It is a performance optimization to get the information from a multidimensional rather than calling %Get on a %DynamicObject (which is the input form of the schema information. [DEV NOTE] The include file HS.FHIRServer defines accessor macros for this type info.
Property methods: propertyTypeCacheDisplayToLogical(), propertyTypeCacheGet(), propertyTypeCacheIsValid(), propertyTypeCacheLogicalToDisplay(), propertyTypeCacheLogicalToOdbc(), propertyTypeCacheNormalize(), propertyTypeCacheSet()
property referencePaths [ MultiDimensional , Transient ];
Property methods: referencePathsDisplayToLogical(), referencePathsGet(), referencePathsIsValid(), referencePathsLogicalToDisplay(), referencePathsLogicalToOdbc(), referencePathsNormalize(), referencePathsSet()


method BuildCompartmentList(pResourceObj As %DynamicObject) as %String
@API Returns a $List of compartments containing the specified resource
classmethod FormatJSON(json As %DynamicObject)
method GetRefTypeIdsFromSearchParam(pSearchResourceType As %String, pParamName As %String, pParamVal As %String, pReferenceResourceType As %String) as %String
For the specified search parameter name and value(s), if the search parameter is a reference type parameter, gather search parameter id values that unambiguously apply to the specified reference resource type. Return an error if the search parameter is invalid. Return an error if the search parameter value specifies a reference resource type that does not apply to the search parameter.
method GetSearchParam(resourceType As %String, pParamName As %String) as HS.FHIRServer.SearchParam
classmethod LoadJSONFromFile(pPath As %String)
classmethod LoadJSONFromXData(pXname As %String)
classmethod LoadSchema(key As %String) as HS.FHIRServer.Schema
API Loads the Metadata for the specified FHIR Metadata Set. Includes: 1. FHIR Data Model metadata (data types and properties) 2 Search Parameter metadata 3. Compartment Membership
classmethod arrayToList(array As %DynamicArray) as %String

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