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class HS.IHE.XCAI.InitiatingGateway.Services extends HS.IHE.Common.Services.SOAPServer.FileStream, HS.IHE.Common.Actor.Base

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parameter NAMESPACE = urn:ihe:rad:xdsi-b:2009;
Inherited description: SOAP Namespace for the WebService Override this parameter in your subclass with the unique namespace URI of your organization.
Inherited description: OUTPUTTYPEATTRIBUTE allows the programmer to force the xsi:type attribute to be included in all elements of a SOAP message which is a web client request or web service response.
parameter SERVICENAME = InitiatingImagingGateway_Service;
Inherited description: The SOAP name of this service. Override this parameter in the subclass.
parameter SETTINGS = RetrieveTarget:Basic;
Inherited description: Can't do grace period without an OnTask loop


property RetrieveTarget as Ens.DataType.ConfigName [ InitialExpression = "HS.IHE.XCAI.InitiatingGateway.Process" ];
Property methods: RetrieveTargetDisplayToLogical(), RetrieveTargetGet(), RetrieveTargetIsValid(), RetrieveTargetLogicalToDisplay(), RetrieveTargetLogicalToOdbc(), RetrieveTargetNormalize(), RetrieveTargetParseConfigNameSpec(), RetrieveTargetSet()


method OnProcessInput(pRequest As HS.Message.XMLMessage, Output pResponse As HS.Message.XMLMessage = $$$NULLOREF, ByRef pHint As %Library.String) as %Status
Inherited description: Override this method to process incoming data. Do not call SendRequestSync/Async() from outside this method (e.g. in a SOAP Service or a CSP page).
method Retrieve(pRequest As HS.Message.XMLMessage, Output pResponse As HS.Message.XMLMessage) as %Status [ WebMethod ]

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