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persistent class HS.Message.ECRUpdateRequest extends HS.Types.XMLMessage

SQL Table Name: HS_Message.ECRUpdateRequest

Property Inventory


parameter RESPONSECLASSNAME = HS.Message.ECRUpdateResponse;
Default response class


property AllowFacilityAsAssigningAuthority as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
An aggregation key is constructed from the clinical data passed in pRequest.ContentStream as an HS.SDA3.Container Facility = HS.SDA3.Container::SendingFacility Assigning Authority and MRN derive from the first occurrence of HS.SDA3.PatientNumber::NumberType = "MRN" Assigning Authority = PatientNumber.Organization.Code MRN = PatientNumber.Number Flag allows Facility Id to also be used as Assigning Authority when Assigning Authority = ""
Property methods: AllowFacilityAsAssigningAuthorityDisplayToLogical(), AllowFacilityAsAssigningAuthorityGet(), AllowFacilityAsAssigningAuthorityGetStored(), AllowFacilityAsAssigningAuthorityIsValid(), AllowFacilityAsAssigningAuthorityLogicalToDisplay(), AllowFacilityAsAssigningAuthorityLogicalToXSD(), AllowFacilityAsAssigningAuthorityNormalize(), AllowFacilityAsAssigningAuthoritySet(), AllowFacilityAsAssigningAuthorityXSDToLogical()
property MPIUpdateFlag as %String;
Flag to control when the MPI should be updated. If unspecified, it's left up to the ECR
Property methods: MPIUpdateFlagDisplayToLogical(), MPIUpdateFlagGet(), MPIUpdateFlagGetStored(), MPIUpdateFlagIsValid(), MPIUpdateFlagLogicalToDisplay(), MPIUpdateFlagLogicalToOdbc(), MPIUpdateFlagNormalize(), MPIUpdateFlagSet()
property Notification as %String);
For use when a notify and query type of edge sends a notification message about new or changed data. When we send the query to the edge, we'll include a list of all notification strings they have sent us, to allow them to send only updated data
Property methods: NotificationDisplayToLogical(), NotificationGet(), NotificationGetStored(), NotificationIsValid(), NotificationLogicalToDisplay(), NotificationLogicalToOdbc(), NotificationNormalize(), NotificationSet()
property OriginalMessageId as %String;
Property methods: OriginalMessageIdDisplayToLogical(), OriginalMessageIdGet(), OriginalMessageIdGetStored(), OriginalMessageIdIsValid(), OriginalMessageIdLogicalToDisplay(), OriginalMessageIdLogicalToOdbc(), OriginalMessageIdNormalize(), OriginalMessageIdSet()
property QueryCacheUpdate as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Always false, with one exception. When we are updating an ECR because we're querying an external data source, for edges with CacheType= NotifyAndQuery or ExpireAndQuery, and we are sending an AddUpdateHub to update demographics and infotypes. Used to suppress push
Property methods: QueryCacheUpdateDisplayToLogical(), QueryCacheUpdateGet(), QueryCacheUpdateGetStored(), QueryCacheUpdateIsValid(), QueryCacheUpdateLogicalToDisplay(), QueryCacheUpdateLogicalToXSD(), QueryCacheUpdateNormalize(), QueryCacheUpdateSet(), QueryCacheUpdateXSDToLogical()
property SkipReplaceInitialize as %Boolean;
If this is true, then we are in the middle of processing a series of updates in an ECRQueryCacheUpdate typically because we're doing a set of notify and query or expire and query documents We only want to click the transaction counter and initialize the deferred delete queue on the first one This works in conjunction with SkipReplaceUpdate in order to suppress "false positives" update notifications to HI or ODS caused by "replace mode" processing, where we initially delete some streamlets and then add them back in later in the series of updates
Property methods: SkipReplaceInitializeDisplayToLogical(), SkipReplaceInitializeGet(), SkipReplaceInitializeGetStored(), SkipReplaceInitializeIsValid(), SkipReplaceInitializeLogicalToDisplay(), SkipReplaceInitializeLogicalToXSD(), SkipReplaceInitializeNormalize(), SkipReplaceInitializeSet(), SkipReplaceInitializeXSDToLogical()
property SkipReplaceUpdate as %Boolean;
If this is true, then we are of processing a series of updates in an ECRQueryCacheUpdate but are not yet at the last one in the series - it tells us to skip processed the deferred delete queue until we're at the last one in the series
Property methods: SkipReplaceUpdateDisplayToLogical(), SkipReplaceUpdateGet(), SkipReplaceUpdateGetStored(), SkipReplaceUpdateIsValid(), SkipReplaceUpdateLogicalToDisplay(), SkipReplaceUpdateLogicalToXSD(), SkipReplaceUpdateNormalize(), SkipReplaceUpdateSet(), SkipReplaceUpdateXSDToLogical()
property TempAggregationKey as %String;
Used for pure query edges
Property methods: TempAggregationKeyDisplayToLogical(), TempAggregationKeyGet(), TempAggregationKeyGetStored(), TempAggregationKeyIsValid(), TempAggregationKeyLogicalToDisplay(), TempAggregationKeyLogicalToOdbc(), TempAggregationKeyNormalize(), TempAggregationKeySet()
property UpdateECRDemographics as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
If this ECRUpdateRequest contains an update to an existing Patient streamlet and the action to be taken against the streamlet (as determined by the HS.SDA3.Container Action and EventDescription as well as the Patient ActionCode) is a regular add/update, then the streamlet will only actually be updated if UpdateECRDemographics is true. Likewise for Encounters, if this request contains an update to an existing Encounter streamlet and the Encounter action (based on the Container Action and EventDescription, but NOT the Encounter ActionCode) is a regular add/update, then the streamlet will only actually be updated if UpdateECRDemographics is true. Other types of streamlets will always be updated regardless of UpdateECRDemographics. In the default HealthShare Edge production, the source of the value of this property is the UpdateECRDemographics setting of either the HL7 or SDA3 InboundProcess.
Property methods: UpdateECRDemographicsDisplayToLogical(), UpdateECRDemographicsGet(), UpdateECRDemographicsGetStored(), UpdateECRDemographicsIsValid(), UpdateECRDemographicsLogicalToDisplay(), UpdateECRDemographicsLogicalToXSD(), UpdateECRDemographicsNormalize(), UpdateECRDemographicsSet(), UpdateECRDemographicsXSDToLogical()
property UpdateTXN as %Integer;
Works in conjuntion with SkipReplaceInitialize - the initialization for the transaction counter will happen in the caller (ECRQueryCacheUpdate method)
Property methods: UpdateTXNDisplayToLogical(), UpdateTXNGet(), UpdateTXNGetStored(), UpdateTXNIsValid(), UpdateTXNLogicalToDisplay(), UpdateTXNNormalize(), UpdateTXNSet(), UpdateTXNXSDToLogical()

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Storage Model: Storage (HS.Message.ECRUpdateRequest)

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