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class HS.REST.ErrorResponse extends HS.REST.Model.ISerializable

This represents the response object for any error from an API call to an endpoint of a subclass of HS.REST.Handler.

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parameter MEDIATYPE = application/;


property Errors as list of HS.REST.ErrorOne;
List of errors.
Property methods: ErrorsBuildValueArray(), ErrorsCollectionToDisplay(), ErrorsCollectionToOdbc(), ErrorsDisplayToCollection(), ErrorsGet(), ErrorsGetObject(), ErrorsGetObjectId(), ErrorsGetSwizzled(), ErrorsIsValid(), ErrorsOdbcToCollection(), ErrorsSet(), ErrorsSetObject(), ErrorsSetObjectId()
property Summary as %String (MAXLEN = 256);
Summary text of entire error.
Property methods: SummaryDisplayToLogical(), SummaryGet(), SummaryIsValid(), SummaryLogicalToDisplay(), SummaryLogicalToOdbc(), SummaryNormalize(), SummarySet()

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