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abstract class HS.Util.SOAPAPIHelper

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classmethod InvokeSOAPService(pSoapTarget, pServiceClassName As %String, pProxyClassName As %String, pMethodName As %String, Output pResponse, pArgs...) as %Status
API Method: Use this to invoke any API web service via SOAP
pSoapTarget - SOAP Service Name to get endpoint
pServiceClassName - Name of the web service class
pProxyClassName - Name of the web service client class
pMethodName - Web service method name
-- See Web Service Client class definition for proper definition of the following items
pResponse - Output Response from service
pArgs... - List of arguments to pass to web service
Note, Ensemble web services return a %Status in pResponse, and the Response object must be defined in the pArgs list.
Non-Ensemble web services will return the response in pResponse.

s tSC=##class(HS.Util.SOAPAPIHelper).InvokeSOAPService("HSREGISTRY","HS.Hub.HSWS.WebServices","HS.Hub.HSWS.WebServicesClient","ListOIDs",.tResponse)
s tSC=##class(HS.Util.SOAPAPIHelper).InvokeSOAPService("HSREGISTRY","HS.Hub.HSWS.WebServices","HS.Hub.HSWS.WebServicesClient","StreamletRequest",.tStatus,tRequest,.tResponse)
s tSC=##class(HS.Util.SOAPAPIHelper).InvokeSOAPService("HSREGISTRY","HS.Registry.Person.User.WebServicesAPI","HS.Registry.Person.User.WebServicesAPIClient","QueryWeb",.tResponse,tRequest)
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