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abstract class HS.Test.IHE.Base extends HS.HC.Test.TestCase

Method Inventory


parameter BaseClassItems;
Class where the base XData Items exists


method CleanupNamespaces() as %Status
classmethod GetCurrentCodeDatabase(pNamespace As %String = $namespace, pClassName As %Dictionary.CacheClassname = $classname($this)) as %String
classmethod SAMLSetup() as %Status
classmethod SaveCert(xdata, filename, location=$zu(12)) as %Status
classmethod SaveCerts() as %Status
method Setup()
classmethod SetupCSPNSApp(pNS)
method SetupFirst()
method SetupLast()
method SetupMain()
method getStream(pXData, Output pNode)
Look in current class for XData node, if not found look in HS.Test.IHE.XDSb.Base

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