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class HS.Test.TestCase extends HS.HC.Test.TestCase

HealthShare aware unit testing class. See also HS.Test.Manager

Differences from %UnitTest.TestCase

A test case class is broken out into 3 types of methods:
  1. Test* methods, that are invoked by the framework. Typically, these methods do a task and check the results.
  2. A series of public class methods for performing a task. These are intended to be called from other test case classes or the command line
  3. Private methods for supporting logic
See HS.Test.Manager for examples on invoking test methods.

Method Inventory


method EnsureDocumentsExist(pPatientKey As %String = "", Output pErrors As HS.Types.IHE.Errors, pDocumentKeys...) as %Status
Ensure the given documents exist for a patient and are cached in the session
method EnsurePatientExists(pPatientKey As %String = "", Output pErrors As HS.Types.IHE.Errors) as %Status
Ensure the given patient exists in the MPI and is cached in the session

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