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class %CSP.Util.AutoPage extends %CSP.Page

This class is used internally by InterSystems IRIS. You should not make direct use of it within your applications. There is no guarantee made about either the behavior or future operation of this class.

A specialized CSP page that automatically displays a page based on information provided by a subclass.

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parameter AUTOLOGOUT = 1;
If true, this page will automatically logout after a period of time
parameter CHARSET = UTF-8;
Default charset
parameter DOMAIN = %Utility;
Default Localization Domain
parameter FAVORITEICON = portal/ISC_IRIS_icon.ico;
SMP favorite icon.
parameter HYPEREVENTS = 1;
If true, this page uses hyper-events (#call)
parameter IFRAMEALLOWED = 0;
Allow pages to have iframes by not setting x-frame-options: same origin. Set default for Management Portal as iframes are not allowed.
parameter PAGENAME;
Name of this page
parameter PARENTPAGE;
Name of the parent page (used for the locator bar)
parameter STYLESHEET = csputils.css;
Name of the external style sheet file
parameter USEFRAMES = 0;
If true, this page uses frames
parameter USENAMESPACE = 0;
If true, this page changes namespace


classmethod ChangeNamespace(ns As %String, mode As %String = "") as %String
Go to specified namespace. Use "" to find a default namespace. Return namespace we actually tried to go to.
classmethod CreatePageInstance(ByRef pID As %String) as PageInstance
Create the page instance object.
classmethod DrawAutoLogout()
Write JavaScript to automatically logout out this page
classmethod DrawBODY(pInstance As PageInstance)
Draw the BODY section for this page This consists of a number of "panes"
classmethod DrawFrameBODY(pInstance As PageInstance, pFrame As %String)
Draw the BODY section for a specific pane as a frame
classmethod DrawFrameLayout()
Write JavaScript to manage size of frames
classmethod DrawFrameSet(pInstance As PageInstance) as %Status
Draw frameset for this page (if appropriate)
classmethod DrawHEAD(pInstance As PageInstance, pFrame As %String = "")
Draw the HEAD section for this page (or frame)
classmethod DrawHTML() as %Status
Draw HTML for this CSP page
classmethod DrawShowDoc()
Write JavaScript for displaying documentation. (Called directly from CSPX.AutoPageCSP.)
classmethod DrawTitle(tTitle As %String) as %Status
Called by CSP Action pages to draw the page header
classmethod GetCSPClassName(pURL As %String) as %String
For a given CSP page name, return the actual class name; This method will normalize page names that do not have an application in their URL.
classmethod GetDetailPane(pInstance As PageInstance) as Pane
Get the detail pane info object
classmethod GetInfoPane(pInstance As PageInstance) as Pane
Get the info pane info object
classmethod GetLocator(pTitlePane As TitlePane, ByRef pAddress As %String)
Get the list of items for the locator bar as well as the page address.
classmethod GetNavigatorPane(pInstance As PageInstance) as Pane
Get the navigator pane info object
classmethod GetPageName() as %String
Return localized version of PageName
classmethod GetTitlePane(pInstance As PageInstance) as Pane
Get the title pane info object
classmethod OnPage() as %Status
Inherited description: Event handler for PAGE event: this is invoked in order to generate the content of a csp page.
classmethod OnPreHTTP() as %Boolean
Inherited description: Event handler for PreHTTP event: this is invoked before the HTTP headers for a CSP page have been sent. All changes to the %CSP.Response class, such as adding cookies, HTTP headers, setting the content type etc. must be made from within the OnPreHTTP() method. Also changes to the state of the CSP application such as changing %session.EndSession or %session.AppTimeout must be made within the OnPreHTTP() method. It is prefered that changes to %session.Preserve are also made in the OnPreHTTP() method as this is more efficient, although it is supported in any section of the page. Return 0 to prevent OnPage() from being called.
classmethod RegisterRecent(tTitle As %String)
classmethod SetNamespace(ns As %String) as %Status
This utility method actually changes namespaces. [Previously private]

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