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deprecated persistent class %Library.CompiledClass extends %Library.Persistent

SQL Table Name: %Library.CompiledClass

Note: The class definition classes in the %Library package have been superceded by those in the %Dictionary package. Instead use %Dictionary.CompiledClass.

This class represents a specific, compiled class definition. It contains all class members, including those that are inherited from super classes.

Instances of this class are "read only"; to modify class definitions use the non-compiled class definition classes.

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property ClassDefinition as %ClassDefinition (CLASSNAME = 1);
Returns a %ClassDefinition for this class so that you can edit the class definition.
Property methods: ClassDefinitionGet(), ClassDefinitionGetObject(), ClassDefinitionGetObjectId(), ClassDefinitionGetSwizzled(), ClassDefinitionIsValid(), ClassDefinitionNewObject(), ClassDefinitionSet(), ClassDefinitionSetObject(), ClassDefinitionSetObjectId(), ClassDefinitionUnSwizzle()
property ClassType as %RawString;
A string indicating the class type.
Property methods: ClassTypeGet(), ClassTypeIsValid(), ClassTypeSet()
property Datatype as %RawString;
A flag indicating whether the class is a datatype class (1) or not (0).
Property methods: DatatypeGet(), DatatypeIsValid(), DatatypeSet()
property Description as %RawString;
A string containing the description of the class.
Property methods: DescriptionGet(), DescriptionIsValid(), DescriptionSet()
property Methods as %ListOfPersistentChildObjects (CLASSNAME = 1);
A collection of methods belonging to the class. See %CompiledMethod for details.
Property methods: MethodsGet(), MethodsGetObject(), MethodsGetObjectId(), MethodsGetSwizzled(), MethodsIsValid(), MethodsNewObject(), MethodsSet(), MethodsSetObject(), MethodsSetObjectId(), MethodsUnSwizzle()
property Name as %RawString;
A string containing the name of the class.
Property methods: NameGet(), NameIsValid(), NameSet()
property Parameters as %ListOfPersistentChildObjects (CLASSNAME = 1);
A collection of class parameters belonging to the class. See %CompiledParameter for details.
Property methods: ParametersGet(), ParametersGetObject(), ParametersGetObjectId(), ParametersGetSwizzled(), ParametersIsValid(), ParametersNewObject(), ParametersSet(), ParametersSetObject(), ParametersSetObjectId(), ParametersUnSwizzle()
property Persistent as %RawString;
A flag indicating whether the class is persistent (1) or not (0).
Property methods: PersistentGet(), PersistentIsValid(), PersistentSet()
property Properties as %ListOfPersistentChildObjects (CLASSNAME = 1);
A collection of properties belonging to the class. See %CompiledProperty for details.
Property methods: PropertiesGet(), PropertiesGetObject(), PropertiesGetObjectId(), PropertiesGetSwizzled(), PropertiesIsValid(), PropertiesNewObject(), PropertiesSet(), PropertiesSetObject(), PropertiesSetObjectId(), PropertiesUnSwizzle()
property Queries as %ListOfPersistentChildObjects (CLASSNAME = 1);
A collection of queries belonging to the class. See %CompiledQuery for details.
Property methods: QueriesGet(), QueriesGetObject(), QueriesGetObjectId(), QueriesGetSwizzled(), QueriesIsValid(), QueriesNewObject(), QueriesSet(), QueriesSetObject(), QueriesSetObjectId(), QueriesUnSwizzle()
property Serial as %RawString;
A flag indicating whether the class is serial (embeddable) (1) or not (0).
Property methods: SerialGet(), SerialIsValid(), SerialSet()
property System as %RawString;
A flag indicating whether the class is a system class (1) or not (0).
Property methods: SystemGet(), SystemIsValid(), SystemSet()
property list as %ListOfDataTypes [ Transient ];
Property methods: listGet(), listGetObject(), listGetObjectId(), listGetSwizzled(), listIsEmpty(), listIsValid(), listNewObject(), listSet(), listSetObject(), listSetObjectId(), listUnSwizzle()


classmethod %Exists(oid As %ObjectIdentity) as %Boolean
Inherited description: Checks to see if the object identified by the OID oid exists in the extent.

Returns %Boolean TRUE if it exists, FALSE if it does not.

method ClassDefinitionGet() as %ClassDefinition
classmethod ClassInfoClose(QHandle As %Binary) as %Status
classmethod ClassInfoExecute(ByRef QHandle As %Binary, initvalue As %String) as %Status
classmethod ClassInfoFetch(ByRef QHandle As %Binary, ByRef Row As %List, ByRef AtEnd As %Integer = 0) as %Status
classmethod ExportODL(Class As %String, File As %String) as %Status
method GetClassList() as %ListOfDataTypes
classmethod GetClassParameter(classname As %String, name As %String) as %String
The GetParameter method returns the value of the parameter named name from the class classname.
classmethod IndexInfoClose(QHandle As %Binary) as %Status
classmethod IndexInfoExecute(ByRef QHandle As %Binary, classname As %String) as %Status
classmethod IndexInfoFetch(ByRef QHandle As %Binary, ByRef Row As %List, ByRef AtEnd As %Integer = 0) as %Status


query ClassInfo(initvalue As %String)
Selects Name, Abstract As %Integer, System, Persistent, HasProperty As %Integer, Caption
The ClassInfo query provides a summary of information about compiled classes contained in the Class Dictionary.
query IndexInfo(classname As %String)
Selects Name As %String, Attributes As %String, Type As %String, PrimaryKey As %Integer, Unique As %Integer
The IndexInfo query provides a list of indices defined for the class classname.


index (IDKEY on ) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: IDKEYCheck(), IDKEYDelete(), IDKEYExists(), IDKEYOpen(), IDKEYSQLCheckUnique(), IDKEYSQLExists(), IDKEYSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IDKEYSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()

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