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class %Monitor.System.Clients extends %Monitor.System.Adaptor, %Monitor.System.Globals

Monitor Server clients.

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property Buffers as %Monitor.Integer;
Buffers for a client
Property methods: BuffersDisplayToLogical(), BuffersGet(), BuffersIsValid(), BuffersLogicalToDisplay(), BuffersNormalize(), BuffersSet()
property ClientName as %Monitor.String;
Client name
Property methods: ClientNameDisplayToLogical(), ClientNameGet(), ClientNameIsValid(), ClientNameLogicalToDisplay(), ClientNameLogicalToOdbc(), ClientNameNormalize(), ClientNameSet()
property GloKills as %Monitor.Integer;
Global kills sent to a client
Property methods: GloKillsDisplayToLogical(), GloKillsGet(), GloKillsIsValid(), GloKillsLogicalToDisplay(), GloKillsNormalize(), GloKillsSet()
property GloRefs as %Monitor.Integer;
Global refs sent to client
Property methods: GloRefsDisplayToLogical(), GloRefsGet(), GloRefsIsValid(), GloRefsLogicalToDisplay(), GloRefsNormalize(), GloRefsSet()
property GloSets as %Monitor.Integer;
Global sets sent to a client
Property methods: GloSetsDisplayToLogical(), GloSetsGet(), GloSetsIsValid(), GloSetsLogicalToDisplay(), GloSetsNormalize(), GloSetsSet()
property Hits as %Monitor.Integer;
Network cache hits
Property methods: HitsDisplayToLogical(), HitsGet(), HitsIsValid(), HitsLogicalToDisplay(), HitsNormalize(), HitsSet()
property IJCw as %Monitor.Integer;
Outgoing network IJC writes for a client
Property methods: IJCwDisplayToLogical(), IJCwGet(), IJCwIsValid(), IJCwLogicalToDisplay(), IJCwNormalize(), IJCwSet()
property Locks as %Monitor.Integer;
Lock commands sent to a client
Property methods: LocksDisplayToLogical(), LocksGet(), LocksIsValid(), LocksLogicalToDisplay(), LocksNormalize(), LocksSet()
property Misses as %Monitor.Integer;
Network cache misses
Property methods: MissesDisplayToLogical(), MissesGet(), MissesIsValid(), MissesLogicalToDisplay(), MissesNormalize(), MissesSet()
property Requests as %Monitor.Integer;
Requests sent by a client
Property methods: RequestsDisplayToLogical(), RequestsGet(), RequestsIsValid(), RequestsLogicalToDisplay(), RequestsNormalize(), RequestsSet()
property Retransmits as %Monitor.Integer;
Retransmits for a client
Property methods: RetransmitsDisplayToLogical(), RetransmitsGet(), RetransmitsIsValid(), RetransmitsLogicalToDisplay(), RetransmitsNormalize(), RetransmitsSet()


method GetSample() as %Status
Get client metric sample A return code of $$$OK indicates there is a new sample instance. A return code of 0 indicates there is no sample instance.
method Initialize() as %Status
Initialize client metrics
method Startup() as %Status
On Startup enable PERFMON

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