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abstract class %Projection.Java extends %Projection.AbstractProjection

This projection class generates the appropriate Java client code (using the Java Binding) for the associated class.
For more information refer to the %Projection.AbstractProjection class.

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parameter CHECKUPTODATE = 1;
CHECKUPTODATE 0 - don't check if classes are up to date to project 1 - do check if classes are up to date, useful for deploying final application
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parameter DisableMulticompile = 1;
If true then do not create this projection using the class compiler multicompile jobs but create it in the main process. Used to allow projections that do not function in the multicompile environment to disable this feature.
parameter GENERATIONTYPE = 1;
Generation Type 1 - legacy 2 - generate class as implementing interface
parameter GENSERIALUID = 1;
Generate serialVersionUID
parameter JAVADOC = 1;
JAVADOC 0 - do NOT generate javadoc 1 - generate javadoc (the default)
parameter MAKE = 1;
Only generate dependency or class if timestamp of last compilation is greater than timestamp of last generation
parameter NEWCOLLECTIONS = 1;
When NEWCOLLECTIONS is set collection properties project as java.util.Map (for arrays) and Java.util.List (for lists). When NEWCOLLECTIONS is zero (the default) collection properties project as follows: ArrayOfDataTypes for array of a datatypoe ArrayOfObjects for array of an object ListOfDataTypes for list of a datatype ListOfObjects for list of an object This parameter will be overriden by JAVATYPE if that is specified for property.
deprecated parameter POJO = 0;
Deprecated - POJO mode 0 - legacy 1 - POJO on
When PRIMITIVEDATATYPES is set %Integer maps to int, %Float maps to double, %Boolean maps to boolean, and %BigInt maps to long
deprecated parameter PROJECTABSTRACTSTREAM = 0;
Deprecated - PROJECTABSTRACTSTREAM 0 - generate error when you try to project classes that contain methods with abstract stream arguments or return type 1 - project classes that contain methods with with abstract stream arguments or return type
deprecated parameter PROJECTBYREFMETHODSTOPOJO = 0;
Deprecated - PROJECTBYREFMETHODSTOPOJO 0 - generate error when you try to project classes that contain methods with ByRef arguments to pojo implementation 1 - project classes that contain methods with ByRef arguments to pojo implementation
parameter RECURSIVE = 1;
RECURSIVE 0 - do NOT generate dependencies 1 - generate dependencies, default
parameter ROOTDIR;
The root directory in which generated files are written.


classmethod CreateProjection(classname As %String, ByRef parameters As %String, modified As %String, ByRef qstruct As %String) as %Status
Inherited description: This method is called by the Class Compiler whenever an associated class has finished compiling. classname contains the name of the associated class while parameters contains an array of the projection parameters subscripted by parameter name. Also the special parameter value parameters("%qstruct") contains a merge of the qstruct array this projection is being compiled with. The modified is always blank.
Any errors reported by this method are reported by the Class Compiler but do not effect class compilation in any way.

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