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class %SOAP.WebRequest extends %SOAP.WebClient

%SOAP.WebRequest is class to use XML document for SOAP request.

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parameter SERVICENAME = XMLBody;
Dummy service name when used to just send XML body


method SendSOAPBody(Action As %String, OneWay As %Boolean = 0, Request As %CharacterStream, ByRef Response, methodName As %String) as %Status
The SendSOAPBody() method of %SOAP.WebClient will send an XML document as the body of a SOAP request and return the response body as an XML document. The arguments to this method are:
  • Action is the SOAPAction for the SOAP request.
  • OneWay, which specifies whether a response is expected. If OneWay is 1 (true) then no response is expected.
  • Request is the body of the SOAP request in the character set of the current locale.
  • Response, which is returned by reference, will be set to the body of the SOAP response message either as a stream or %XML.Node. If Response is a character stream, the body of the SOAP response will be written in the character set of the current locale.
    If Response is "", then a new character stream will be created and assigned to Response. If Response is an %XML.Node, then the %XML.Node will be set to point to the body DOM.
  • methodName is an optional name of the method being called which is used to select the WS-Policy.

The Location property of %WebClient must be set to the endpoint of the web service before SendSOAPBody is called.

Properties of %SOAP.WebClient such as HeadersIn, HeadersOut, Timeout, etc. may be used with the SendSOAPBody call.

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